The Carolina Girls , Book 1
ISBN: 978-1-335-54779-8
May 25, 2021
Contemporary Fiction

Magnolia, North Carolina – Present Day

After the failure of her marriage, Emma Cantrell came to Magnolia and bought an old, rundown mansion belonging to an eccentric artist who had died. She plans to refurbish the mansion into an inn, but a strong windstorm upends the remodeling. With the other contractors busy due to the storm's damage, she doesn't know what to do and ends up drinking in a bar. There, she meets Holly, a woman who is looking for a wedding venue after her planned one ended up kaput after the windstorm. After talking about their woes, Holly suggests using the inn for the wedding—if Emma can get it repaired in time. Holly suggests her brother-in-law, who used to be a contractor, be hired to repair the damage and to help get the inn ready for the wedding ceremony and reception. The two pay him a visit.

Cameron Mitchell once built beautiful furniture, but ever since his wife died in an automobile accident, he has basically withdrawn from society and now works as a fishing boat guide. Emma and Holly arrive at his house to ask Cam, who isn't exactly welcoming though he has a soft spot for his sister-in-law. Soon, Holly convinces Cam to work for Emma. While he is surly and mostly uncommunicative with Emma, they soon prove to be a good working team. He wants to do this for Holly, but it means drawing himself out of his shell and being confronted by the people from his past, including Holly's mother, who blames him for her daughter's death.

Meanwhile, Holly is wondering if her wedding ceremony will happen. She is engaged to a U.S. senator and his mother doesn't think Holly is good enough for her son. Between Cam and her new friendship with Emma, they try to calm her nerves. Emma also hires a couple of women in Magnolia for the wedding. The four women form a bond that makes WILDFLOWER SEASON a tale of friendship.

Getting Emma married is the goal of everyone in WILDFLOWER SEASON.  Emma comes from a wealthy family and once sat on the board of their powerful charity foundation—until she felt forced to walk away. Emma's ex-husband blackmailed her with a sex tape to get her money. Too embarrassed to even tell her family, she moved to Magnolia after visiting her brother, who lives there. But getting the inn ready is proving to be a lot harder than she expected. Then there are the people in town, who haven't exactly opened their arms to welcome her. Is it because they think Emma is too haughty and will soon be leaving town?

Cam is surly for the better part of WILDFLOWER SEASON. His heart is still broken after losing his wife. Slowly, after going toe-to-toe with Emma, the two build an attraction, one that leads to the bedroom. Cam can't promise Emma a rose garden, but in the meantime, he will enjoy their time together. But it never fails that whenever he turns around, there is a memory of his wife and her death. Can Cam get past the pain? Will Emma be the one who soothes his soul—and heart?

WILDFLOWER SEASON is a heartwarming tale that is a perfect beach read. You will cheer on Emma, Cam, Holly, and the others that have banded together to give Holly a beautiful wedding to the man she loves. Will it come off without too many bumps in the road? If you love reading about female friendships and a couple falling in love, then don't miss WILDFLOWER SEASON.

Patti Fischer