NOT QUITE OVER YOU – Susan Mallery
Happily Inc , Book 4
ISBN: 978-1-335-47463-6
October 2018
Contemporary Romance

Happily Inc, California – Present Day

Silver Tesdal and Drew Lovato have a secret past together that few people in town are aware of. They once dated and created a child that was given up for adoption. Through the years, Silver has managed to avoid Drew, but after she is turned down for a business loan for her mobile bar at his family's bank, it is he who offers her a loan—and he wants a stake in her business. Silver's first instinct is to turn him down, even though she desperately needs the money if she wants her business to grow. But Drew is persistent and eager to help her. He insists it is because he wants to resume their friendship, but is he after more? Despite her reservations, she finally agrees.

As Silver and Drew start to work together and grow closer, she realizes that she is going to have to tell him some info about the baby she gave away. It turns out that she has been in contact with the adoptive family—so close that the mother will be coming to Happily Inc soon with the child. How will Drew react at seeing his child? He is facing pressure from his parents to take over as head of the bank from his grandfather with the stipulation that in two years he then join their lobbying firm. This would mean leaving town—and Silver.

Happily Inc is a small town that specializes in weddings. Silver has a mobile bar company that she takes to wherever weddings are being held. She needs to expand, but that requires cash. She had hoped to get a loan but Drew's aunt turned her down at the bank. He steps in with his own money and it offers her a chance to realize her dreams. But Silver lost her heart once to Drew and fears being  this  close to him will have her losing it again. Yet, there is still this amazing chemistry between them that is hard to ignore. Will they give in to the passion again?

Drew was always the rich kid in town and Silver the outcast. She came from a broken home and moved to Happily Inc to live with her uncle when she was a teen. One magical summer, Drew and Silver found love, though she sensibly ended it when he went away to college. But the discovery of an unplanned pregnancy forced her to contact him and tell him about the baby. Both agreed an adoption was the right thing, but giving her child away was hard and she ended up living with the family. Their daughter, Autumn, knows Silver is her birth mother and everyone has a great relationship. The hard part now is telling Drew. Especially since Autumn will be staying with Silver for a week…

NOT QUITE OVER YOU is the perfect title for the latest book in the  Happily Inc  series by Susan Mallery. Despite what Silver says, she hasn't gotten over Drew. And it appears he hasn't gotten over her. Can they find their way back to each other and get their own happily-ever-after? Drew has lots of pressure on him, mostly from his parents, who have plotted his life from the time he was a child. But Drew has his own ideas of how he wants to spend his future. Could part of it include Silver? He wants her, but she keeps trying to push him away. She has a lack of self-esteem when it comes to Drew and the Lovato family. Can she overcome it?

A heartwarming tale of reunited love and finding a way to not let others determine your future, NOT QUITE OVER YOU is one that I enjoyed and highly recommend.

Patti Fischer