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ISBN: 978-0-778-33355-5
June 20, 2023
Contemporary Romance

Seattle, Washington – Present Day

Three female friends are struggling in their personal lives and lean on each other. Will their plans to find happiness be achieved?

On the outside, Heather appears happy. She owns a successful business and fosters kittens along with her grumpy cat, LC. But deep down, she feels adrift after breaking up with her ex, Campbell. Heather discovers through a DNA test the identity of her father and contacts him. After meeting him and his family, she feels the need to pull back because she can’t commit to a relationship with them. Is her inability to commit the reason she lost Campbell? Her ex has moved on and now has a new girlfriend. Any regrets?

Daphne has a busy and full life as an attorney working to become a partner and parenting her new husband’s three children every other week. But her husband has accused her of having an affair with one of her fellow employees. She isn’t, but how can she convince him that she isn’t? Daphne wants a baby, though her long work hours would have to be reevaluated should that happen. As her marriage crumbles around her, Daphne struggles to figure out how to repair the damage. 

Tori is friends with Grant, and they live in the same condo complex. However, one day a flood ruins their units, and they decide to share a house while they wait for the repairs to be done. Living together under the same roof has Tori coming to the realization that she’s attracted to Grant. If she breaks the buddy code between them and it turns into a fling, will she endanger her friendship with her girlfriends because Grant’s brother is married to Daphne? 

Heather, Daphne, and Tori thought they were happy with their lives, but they are soon going down paths they never expected. In THE HAPPINESS PLAN, they struggle with the decisions they’ve made and are about to be made. As supportive as the three women are, will their decisions be the right ones?

Heather grew up with a single mother who whines and complains about her bad life but it’s always Heather and the rest of the family helping her. A chance to connect with her unknown father was a spur of the moment’s decision and they welcomed her with open arms. However, commitment-phobia Heather feels uncomfortable accepting their unconditional love and expectations. After a request is made of her by her new family, Heather screeches their relationship to a halt emotionally. Meanwhile, she gets to know Campbell’s new girlfriend and likes her. But is Heather really over him?

Daphne seems to have a perfect life all mapped out. She loves her husband and at work, her male co-worker is someone she considers a good friend. But too many lunches together—and a flower delivery—has her husband accusing her of infidelity. As they grow farther apart, Daphne wonders if, at the age of thirty-five, she will realize her dream of having a baby. Can this marriage be saved? Does her husband regret marrying her? What about a job offer that is being floated in front of her?

Tori is used to things being the same, so having her home flooded out, and then agreeing to move in temporarily with Grant, has her feeling on edge. Grant is nice, yet she knows that he is looking for a girlfriend. Why does the idea of him finding one upset her? Living together is nice and they get along, but Tori is unsure how to hide her newly discovered feelings for Grant. Meanwhile, she values her friendship with Heather and Daphne. If she breaks it off with Grant, will it end their friendship?

As readers can see, there are complicated and convoluted storylines going on in THE HAPPINESS PLAN. But it’s a feel-good tale that is a perfect beach read even if it isn’t set at a beachside resort. Heather, Daphne, and Tori are supportive of each other and help in making the decisions that will affect the rest of their lives. Don’t miss the emotion and the drama in THE HAPPINESS PLAN.

Patti Fischer

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