Texas Cattleman's Club: Houston , Book 9
Harlequin Desire #2696
ISBN: 978-1-335-60398-2
November 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Royal, Texas Present Day

In order to help her father, and to also prove to him that she is a capable businesswoman, Esme Perry heads to Royal to meet with wealthy rancher Jesse Stevens. She's there to convince him to vote for her father to head the new Houston chapter of the Texas Cattleman's Club. But a sudden storm ends up trapping Esme with Jesse, and the sparks fly. He's already begun the process of finding a wife through a matchmaking service, and Esme begins to wonder if she's crazy enough to want to put her hat into the ring! But their lives are so different, with her life in Houston and his on the ranch. Can the fiery passion that has erupted between them lead to a potential future together?

Meanwhile, the search for the person who killed the man in the basement of the Texas Cattleman's Club in Houston heats up, and the killer is finally revealed, as is the motive. Who is it, and how are they tied to Sterling Perry or Ryder Currin, both of whom have been implicated?  Ryder and Sterling's daughter, Angela, have fallen in love, but it's been a rocky road. Will they finally be able to find happiness together?

Throughout the Texas Cattleman's Club: Houston series, readers have met and gotten to know the various Perry and Currin family members, plus an extra person or two. Now it all comes together in HOT HOLIDAY RANCHER, and we finally close the book on the series. Esme feels like she is not appreciated by her father and hopes by helping him get elected as the club president that he will finally notice her. But she didn't expect to be attracted to Jesse. He's being the perfect host by letting her stay at his ranch after her car skids off the road near his place. They're alone and it only amps up the heat between them. Will it end up being a fling that flames out once the clock strikes midnight at Christmas?

Why is Jesse looking for a wife through a matchmaking service? For one thing, he's a busy rancher and he's been burned one too many times. He thinks the service can find him a woman to match his needs, but he ends up wanting Esme. At first, Jesse thinks she is a rich spoiled heiress, but soon discovers there's more to her. Will he give her serious consideration to be his bride, and if so, does she accept?

A sizzling tale of instant attraction mixed with an intriguing murder mystery, don't miss the ending of the latest Texas Cattleman's series by picking up HOT HOLIDAY RANCHER today.

Patti Fischer