THE BABY CLAIM – Catherine Mann
Alaskan Oil Barons , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2571
ISBN: 978-1-335-97132-9
February 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

Alaska – Present Day

The families of Broderick Steele and Glenna Mikkelson-Powers have long been embroiled in a feud as competing companies. But their lives are rocked when they learn that his father, Jack Steele, and her mother, Jeannie Mikkelson, are not only seeing one another, but are engaged and the companies will be merged. As the children of the happy couple gather together to struggle to figure out how to coexist as one company, an infant girl is mysteriously dumped on the doorstep. The baby's mother left a note before she disappeared, informing them that the infant's father is either Broderick or Glenna's late husband. While they await paternity testing, Broderick and Glenna steal away to his family's remote log cabin to not only grapple with the company merger, but deal with the fact that one of them is about to become a readymade parent.

Years ago, Glenna and Broderick were lovers for a few days, but the family feud hung heavy over them and caused them to split instead of facing family opposition head-on. She went on to marry another man, only to lose him when he died. She's still mourning him, but with the latest news that he may have cheated on her, she doesn't know how to feel. But soon she comes to love the innocent baby. Broderick still cares for Glenna, and right away in THE BABY CLAIM he's hoping to rekindle their long-ago romance. Will he succeed? Who is the baby's father?

As the first book in  Alaskan Oil Barons , a new series by Catherine Mann, THE BABY CLAIM does spend some time introducing readers to the Steele and Mikkelson families, but this tale's main focus is on Broderick and Glenna. She has mixed feelings because she walked away from him once and found love with another man. Broderick is a known man-about-town, while she's settled down. Are they now too different to be compatible—except in bed? There is also their fear over their future with the merged company. Jobs can't be replicated, so will someone lose their position?

The longing and desire between Broderick and Glenna are apparent to readers as they feel the emotions vibrating between them in THE BABY CLAIM. She isn't about to just jump in bed with him if it means losing her heart to him…again. He feels he can't let love cloud his judgment over the company's future. But at the heart of this enduring story is seeing the love rekindling between Broderick and Glenna. The love they share for the little girl will also tug at your heart.

Reunited—but will it lead to a happily-ever-after in THE BABY CLAIM? Find out in this enjoyable romance.

Patti Fischer