Alaskan Oil Barons , Book 7
Harlequin Desire #2638
ISBN: 978-1-335-60340-1
January 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Alaska – Present Day

Billionaire rancher Conrad Steele and social worker Felicity Hunt have known each other for several months and have even gone on casual dates together, but she is now turning down his requests. After already having had one bad marriage, Felicity sees no future with Conrad. But he's persistent and finagles his way back into her life again. And this time, it ends with them in bed together. Will this be a casual fling between friends, or is there a chance of a future for them?


Conrad is a confirmed bachelor, and like Felicity, he doesn't envision marriage in his future. For much of his life, he has been overshadowed by his older and more powerful brother, Jack. Oh, Conrad cares for his brother and his nephews and nieces, but he has worked hard to create his own empire. Is it time to share his life with another woman, specifically Felicity?


Meanwhile, Brea Steele, who had been thought dead, returns to Alaska, very much alive and distrustful of her family. Everyone thought she'd perished in an airplane crash when she was a child and she thought (due to the statements made to her by her “adoptive” family) that they were evil and had abandoned her. In THE BILLIONAIRE RENEGADE, Brea has to decide whether to trust her family again.


Conrad and Felicity are a more mature couple, so they look at love a little jaded. So far love hasn't worked out for either of them. Their romance in THE BILLIONAIRE RENEGADE starts out as being a friends with benefits relationship, but soon their feelings for each other deepen. It is at that point Felicity wants to back off. She's scared of where these feelings will lead. But Conrad is persistent and works his way back into her life using the excuse of their working together on a charity event. He's a wonderful lover and one she can't resist. Yet, despite telling one another they won't let it happen, love does indeed happen…


Felicity and Conrad seem destined for one another in THE BILLIONAIRE RENEGADE. They just have to accept the love that's growing between them is real. Brea's story is a secondary tale that will tease readers about how it will end up. We'll find out what happens with her next month when THE SECRET TWIN is released. That tale is the final one in the  Alaskan Oil Barons  series by Catherine Mann.


Felicity and Conrad weren't looking for love, but they find it in this intriguing tale. Don't miss THE BILLIONAIRE RENEGADE.


Patti Fischer