THE DOUBLE DEAL – Catherine Mann
Alaskan Oil Barons , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2577
ISBN: 978-1-335-97137-1
March 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

Alaska – Present Day

Naomi Steele is aware that posing as a delivery driver is an underhanded way to get in to see research scientist Royce Miller. But she will do whatever it takes to land the highly sought-after Royce for her family's company. She is successful, but they end up stranded together at his remote glass igloo (yes, really) when a snowstorm quickly moves in. One thing leads to another and they make love. Naomi doesn't have to worry about getting pregnant because she already is…via artificial insemination.

The beautiful Naomi intrigues Royce, but he also suspects there's more to her claim of being a substitute delivery driver than meets the eye. It doesn't take long for her to reveal her identity and he could be mad at her…or continue their affair. He chooses the latter and things are going great until a family crisis has Naomi needing to get home. Now that their solitude has been interrupted, will that be the end of their fling?

In THE DOUBLE DEAL, there's a lot going on. Naomi shows up somewhat uninvited and her introduction to Royce has him rescuing her from a bear. Once that's taken care of, there is the swirling snowstorm that strands them, leading them to get close in a short period of time. The sex is great, but are they living in a bubble? Naomi had cancer as a child and is in a hurry to get that family she always wanted, so plans to become a single mother. She is not showing yet but isn't sure at what point she should tell Royce she's expecting. How will he react?

But soon their perfect idyll is interrupted and it's time to get back to reality. Naomi has to contend with her family and the crisis, which pulls her in different directions. One thing she wants, however, is Royce by her side. Their connection to each other runs deep and she wonders if there is any future between them. Royce is taking things slow after experiencing a failed engagement years ago, but his desire for Naomi might make him change his mind.

THE DOUBLE DEAL is the second book in the  Alaskan Oil Barons  series that revolves around the Steele and Mikkelson families merging and several characters reappear. It might be best to have read the first book, THE BABY CLAIM, to get an idea of what is going on.

The instant attraction between Naomi and Royce is sizzling hot, and readers are in for a treat as their love leaps off the pages in THE DOUBLE DEAL.

Patti Fischer