Alaskan Oil Barons , Book 6
Harlequin Desire #2631
ISBN: 978-1-335-97191-3
December 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

Alaska – Present Day

After wealthy rancher Marshall Steele suffers a broken arm, his stepmother, Jeannie, hires him a live-in housekeeper. The problem is that his new employee is beautiful and he's attracted to her. Even as Marshall tries to thwart Tally Benson from taking the job and moving in, another part of him can't wait to start seducing her. After being hired, Tally tries to keep their relationship strictly business but it's hard to deny the sparks that fly between them. Marshall can offer her a temporary fling for the holidays, but how will he react when he finds out that her late father might be responsible for the plane crash that killed his mother and sister years ago?

Tally needs the money and references she'd get working for the Steele family, one of Alaska's most rich and powerful families and one that recently combined their company with the Mikkelsons' after Marshall's father, Jack Steele, married Jeannie Mikkelson. Otherwise, Tally would have turned down the job rather than reveal the truth to Marshall and his family. Marshall is a retired rodeo cowboy who has a secret of his own that he hasn't shared with his family: he's a recovering alcoholic. So, as readers can see, both have secrets that will surely be revealed in THE RANCHER'S SEDUCTION.

Tally's introduction to Marshall is exciting to say the least. Upon arrival, she heard shouts coming from the backyard of his house and found him in the pool trying to save his puppy from drowning…one-armed. Tally jumps in—clothes and all—and rescues the puppy and both are grateful to her. Her actions no doubt made it harder for Marshall to turn her away, though he admits he's intrigued—and attracted—to her. Will he get her into his bed? Tally tries to resist him at first, but the moment he kisses her a few days later, it's impossible to ignore the attraction. Once Christmas is over, his cast will be off and she'll be on her way, but in the meantime…

Meanwhile, in THE RANCHER'S SEDUCTION, the Steele family receive some news regarding a woman who had hinted there was something mysterious about the long-ago plane crash. She left before she could reveal what it was. Information received from a private investigator rocks the family. How will this play out in the remainder of the  Alaskan Oil Barons  series? While THE RANCHER'S SEDUCTION and the other books are connected, this one could be read as a standalone as the tale is about the romance between Marshall and Tally.

A simmering attraction sizzles between a couple holding secrets that could change lives. Will it be a forever love for Marshall and Tally in THE RANCHER'S SEDUCTION?

Patti Fischer