TUCKER – Emily March
Eternity Springs: The McBrides of Texas , Book 2
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-31493-2
February 25, 2020
Contemporary Romance

Redemption, Texas – Present Day

Gillian Thacker's wedding of her dreams is just around the corner. However, her fiancé, Jeremy, is being unreasonable, leading to them fighting and her leaving the remote area they were visiting for the weekend. Her car crashes, and it's a stranger on a motorcycle who stops to help her. Turns out he is Tucker McBride, part of the McBride family who helped found Redemption. He's on his way there after being away for years in the military. Something clicks between them, but Gillian ignores it because she is engaged. Afterwards, they run into one another occasionally, until the night things come to a head between Gillian and Jeremy. It's Tucker who she turns to.

Tucker is attracted to Gillian; however, he respects that she's engaged, and he won't come between the couple. He instead tries to be a good friend. Tucker can already sense that Jeremy isn't who he appears to be, but he can't tell Gillian this. Meanwhile, he sets about finding the perfect spot for the survival school he intends to open in Redemption. When it turns out that the best place to have it is across the street from Gillian's bridal store, all hell breaks loose when it's revealed that Jeremy helped him in the purchase. Why? Because Gillian had plans—with Jeremy—to purchase that building to expand her business. Her fiancé has betrayed her. Now her business dreams—and marriage plans—are shattered.

Tucker is that guy you become good friends with. While there is a simmering attraction between him and Gillian, he doesn't act upon it, even though it does lead them to kiss on New Year's Eve. But once her engagement ends, Tucker reevaluates his feelings for her—and decides to pursue her, though he will take it slow. Their relationship soon turns from friendship to friends-with-benefits…and more. But Gillian is not quite over Jeremy. How long will it before she realizes that Tucker is the right man for her?

Their romance in TUCKER is a long and winding road. Along the way, Gillian discovers a lot about herself. She also proves to be spontaneous, which is something unusual for a woman who is detailed oriented. For years, she has planned her wedding and thought she'd found her groom in Jeremy. Was she more in love with the wedding details than the groom? As for Tucker, after being a loner for much of his life, he learns to let others lean on him. Will he win the heart of Gillian? Will she end up having the wedding that she's always dreamed about?

Their slow building romance is a beautiful tale that readers shouldn't miss. Grab a copy of TUCKER today.

Patti Fischer