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December 2014
Short Historical Romance eBook

London 1842

Sadly, Nineteen year-old Amelia Cosgrove finds herself an orphan with only one remaining relative, her maternal Uncle Lewis, who lives on his plantation in America. But Amelia is not just an orphan. When her father's title was created, it had a special provision: it can pass to a female heir if no male heir exists. So now she is Lady Amelia, Viscountess of Everthorne, with a house in London, an estate in the country, and a tidy fortune. All of which she much leave behind to live in America with Uncle Lewis, her guardian, until she reaches twenty-one. This reckons without Lady Amelia's love for her home and a bon- deep streak of stubbornness. With the help of her good friend Lady Sarah and family friend Her Grace, the Duchess of Abernathy, Amelia gets her uncle to agree to leave her behind in England for two months, with the duchess as chaperone, while she prepares for the move. At least that was the excuse. What she really plans is to find a suitable gentleman to serve as her husband, even if she has to compromise him into offering marriage.

So Amelia moves in with the duchess, and though she is in mourning—she hates the black she must wear, with no disrespect to her much-loved father—she hopes to compromise Sarah's brother in the library. It doesn't go as planned, no thanks to the duchess's troubling nephew Richard, Duke of Goldstone. Wouldn't you think Amelia would set her traps for him? He's single and gorgeous and does strange things to her innards. But he's a Scottish duke who—horrors—lives in Scotland!

Amelia is the focus of SCANDALOUS ENDEAVORS. The point of view is all hers, and we get to know her well. The rest of the cast serves as foil to her sometimes outrageous doings. It's a light tale, with amusing antics by Amelia and growing (lustful) attraction between her and Richard. But no way would she willingly leave her beloved England. . . .

Jane Bowers