SOME KIND OF MAGIC – Mary Ann Marlowe
Flirting with Fame , Book 1
ISBN: 978-1-4967-0806-9
February 2017
Contemporary Fiction

New York City and New Jersey – Present Day

Biochemist Eden Sinclair was given a perfume by a fellow lab technician just before she headed to a nightclub to watch her brother, Micah, perform as a singer. The moment she lays her eyes on dark and sexy Adam, she's hooked…and the feeling is mutual. They hang out together that night and end up having amazing hot sex. Eden learns the next day that the man she spent the night with is none other than super-hot international rock star Adam Copeland. She also discovers the perfume she spritzed on herself before going to the nightclub was enhanced with pheromones. Did Eden really attract Adam due to herself, or was he “drugged” to become attracted to her? Even as her fling with Adam becomes extended, Eden can't help but wonder if she's fooling herself into thinking it was because of her…not the perfume.

SOME KIND OF MAGIC is a sparkling and fun read that delves behind the scenes of rock stars and their lifestyle. Eden is supportive of her brother and has even performed in the dinky nightclub herself, but one night Adam walks in telling her he's there to see Micah. Eden doesn't recognize Adam and assumes he's wanting to audition as a band member. There is this instant connection between Eden and Adam and, after they head to his place with Micah, they continue their friendly chat. Micah falls asleep, and Eden and Adam hit the sheets. It isn't until the next day while talking to her best friend that she realizes who Adam really is, which is about the same time she learns that the perfume she wore might be the reason he was attracted to her. Talk about a self-esteem blow!

Eden holds off telling Adam the truth about the perfume, even as he continues to pursue her. How can she slow it down when she's having hot sex with a hot guy? But being involved with a star means dealing with the press, and the paparazzi are soon trying to find out who she is. Even her job at the lab is put into jeopardy, and Eden is forced to take some time off…which works out pretty good since Adam has asked her to join him on his European tour with Micah, who is the opening act. In SOME KIND OF MAGIC, readers are treated to what it's really like for performers on the road. But in the end, what will happen when Adam finds out Eden may have used a little bit of magic to lure him?

A sizzling debut by Mary Ann Marlowe, SOME KIND OF MAGIC is a sexy and engaging romance that readers will surely enjoy. Told in the first person by Eden, we get to feel her highs of falling in love with Adam and the lows of a lack of self-esteem in not believing he fell for her, and not because of a “love potion.” Eden's emotional journey drives this sizzling tale and readers will be in for a treat as they root for her to find love with Adam in the end. But is it due to the perfume…or is it truly love? Find out in the engaging SOME KIND OF MAGIC.

Patti Fischer