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Harlequin Desire #2926
ISBN: 978-1-335-58165-5
February 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts – Present Day

Actor and playboy Declan Masterson has been challenged by his adoptive father to prove himself or lose his inheritance. The challenge is to win a coveted charity yacht race held annually on Martha’s Vineyard. Declan is paired with socialite and philanthropist Charlotte Palsgrave for the race. His father also challenges him to change (meaning upgrade) Charlotte’s mousy image. Declan soon discovers that he likes Charlotte. She is down to earth and not afraid to say no to him. She does, however, agree to have a makeover, though she doesn’t know that his father put him up to it. Like Declan, she wants to win the race for a reason.

After being duped by her now ex-boyfriend who not only stole from her but also from the charity she runs, Charlotte isn’t looking for a new romance any time soon. She is well aware of Declan’s playboy reputation and plans to steer clear of his charms. But plans change when they are stranded together during the race after a sudden storm blows in. Declan rescues her, and she’s about to show him how much she appreciates it. But once they’re rescued, will their affair end up with them becoming tabloid fodder?

THE INHERITANCE TEST is an intriguing and different type of romance. Charlotte prefers not being in the spotlight while Declan has thrived being the center of attention. In this tale, they will have to compromise for each other in order to make their romance work. Charlotte hasn’t told anyone about her ex’s embezzlement except for the police. With the money belonging to the charity gone, winning the race would help replenish it. Meanwhile, Declan is annoyed with his father for putting him to the test. Yes, he has done some outlandish things, but he still has good business sense. Why would his father threaten to sell the company to someone else?

Declan and Charlotte barely survive the storm, but will their romance survive after all their secrets come out? Maybe it’s time for her to open up to him about the embezzlement, while he needs to come clean about why he agreed to participate.  Yet, there is no denying the intense sexual attraction between them. Will both come out as a winner in THE INHERITANCE TEST? Find out the answer by grabbing a copy.

Patti Fischer

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