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Harlequin Desire #15B
ISBN: 978-1-335-45777-6
August 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Los Angeles & Martha’s Vineyard – Present Day

Wren Wilson desperately needs a date for her ex-boyfriend’s upcoming wedding because she is not currently dating anyone, and it would be embarrassing to arrive alone. While discussing the issue with her sisters, who think she is hopeless, she blurts out that she is seeing someone…seriously. Quickly thinking who she could ask, Wren’s first thought is how about asking her best friend, billionaire chemist Nash Masterson? He seems safe and harmless, so she asks him. But he has a request also. His brother’s fiancée has finagled him into being a bachelor up for auction at a charity event to be held on Martha’s Vineyard. Nash doesn’t want just any woman to pick him, especially one of the daughters of a man he is trying to do business with. He makes a deal with Wren. If she comes with him to Martha’s Vineyard and wins the bid on him (with his credit card) then he will pretend they are in a romantic relationship and attend her ex’s wedding with her. Sounds like a good plan for these two friends. But what if their friendship soon turns into a sexual attraction? 

In THE TRUE LOVE EXPERIMENT, Nash is seen by those around him as a bit of a nerd. He is more into his work than into women. So, when his soon-to-be sister-in-law convinces him to participate in a bachelor auction, he panics, especially when he learns that the man that he is trying to work a business deal with plans to bring his three eligible daughters with him to the charity event. Nash and Wren have worked together at the university for years and have become friends. Wren needs a pretend date for a wedding, and he needs someone to buy him at an auction. It sounds perfect on paper, but once they start pretending to be dating, an attraction develops. Wren successfully wins Nash at the auction, and now they must go on dates as part of the ruse. It leads to a kiss…and a panic attack. What if they give into their sexual desires and it ruins their friendship? As Wren and Nash struggle with their decision, it seems clear to others what they can’t see, that they’re not only attracted to each other, but they’re compatible. 

THE TRUE LOVE EXPERIMENT is a cute and funny tale that I found quite entertaining. Nash seems oblivious to how Wren is falling for him, yet he can’t stop thinking about her. His reaction is to step away and hope it goes away. But when there is a strong attraction like theirs, they can’t avoid the inevitable. Once they give in to their sexual attraction, can they go back to just being friends again? There is, of course, a conflict or two that drives them apart. Can Wren and Nash find their way back to each other?

A truly engaging tale that will keep readers glued to the pages, don’t miss THE TRUE LOVE EXPERIMENT.

Patti Fischer

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