Maximum Security  Prequel
Wolfpack Productions (Self-Published)
December 2018
Romantic Suspense Short Story

Dallas, Texas – Present Day

Security expert Kurt Layton happens to be attending church one day when a lone gunman opens fire on the congregation. Due to Kurt's quick response, the shooter is dead, and while there are injuries, none of the victims died. Kurt doesn't like the notoriety he has now, so he hides out in his home for a few days. But he opens the door to Erin McCallum, who had been inside the church. They are now bonding over their shared tragedy…and a mutual attraction is developing. When someone shoots at Erin, it's Kurt who steps in to protect her. Is it connected to the church shooting?

Kat Martin dives readers right into the action in AFTER THE SUNRISE, a prequel to her upcoming  Maximum Security  series that begins in late January. Kurt is one of the employees of Maximum Security, which is why he is always armed and on the alert for any signs of danger. Erin is an unemployed teacher who is feeling frustrated due to not having a job. After the attempt on Erin's life, Kurt moves them both to a safe house, where living together increases their attraction. Meanwhile, he has to figure out if the shootings are connected and, if so, why is Erin being targeted?

A fast-paced short story of around 30 pages, AFTER THE SUNRISE gets right into the action and everything else from there moves pretty fast. Yet, readers won't feel deprived of having everything happen quickly. The whodunit and the suspense are there, and this tale will help whet your appetite for the new series.

Patti Fischer