The Raines of Wind Canyon , Book 2
ISBN: 978-0-7783-2930-5
February 2011
Contemporary Romance

Dallas, Texas – Present Day

Gabriel Raines has worked hard to become a success, but an arson fire at one of the buildings he's constructing has him bent on finding the culprit. Almost immediately a suspect is identified, a teenager named Angel Ramirez. But Mattie Baker, a friend of Angel's, denies that he is guilty.  Gabriel is intrigued by and attracted to Mattie the first time he sees her. She appears sincere in her belief that Angel is innocent, so he listens to her reasons why. When another building is nearly set on fire, and Angel has a valid alibi, it becomes clear that not only do they suspect the wrong person, but that someone may be determined to do serious damage to Gabe, both personally and financially.

Mattie has spent most of her life helping others. Angel and his family are ones she's assisted and knows the teenager is not guilty of setting the fires. Gabriel Raines is arrogant and forceful, just the kind of man Mattie has no intention of getting involved with. But the man is persistent. Soon she can't resist him, but tells herself it can only be a onetime fling. When Angel is severely injured, it appears it's connected to the fires, and the only way to find the culprit and to prevent further acts of arson at Gabe's buildings is to join forces with Gabe. But this means coming into close personal contact with him. Will Mattie be able to resist the continued pull of the attraction she feels for him? Is Gabe the real target the culprit is after, or is there another? And of course, the big question is…why?

Right from the opening scene of AGAINST THE FIRE, readers will be pulled into the heart stopping action as the building Gabe is constructing is torched. Of course, he's angry over the destruction and determined to find the person who did it. The arrest of Angel has Gabe at the police station where he encounters Mattie, who's determined to prove Angel couldn't have done it. They're at loggerheads for a little while, until she convinces Gabe that Angel is innocent of the charges. When another fire occurs, it becomes imperative Gabe stop them before someone is killed. Meanwhile, his lust for Mattie knows no bounds, and one night with her isn't enough to dull his appetite. She pushes him away, but of course he has no intention of letting her fend him off. Their attraction is sizzling hot, with enough chemistry between them in AGAINST THE FIRE to show readers Gabe and Mattie belong together. But she's a hard sell, with her working to keep her heart intact from heartache and disappointment. After all, Gabe isn't the type that should be someone she falls in love with, right? But love knows no boundaries.

An exciting, suspenseful tale set in Dallas, readers will hold their breath as each fire brings even more danger for Mattie and Gabe. Intricate tidbits and red herrings are laid out while you figure out who is behind the arson, yet, the real culprit may have a surprising reason for wanting to hurt his intended victim. A fascinating page turner, AGAINST THE FIRE is one you won't want to miss.

Patti Fischer