The Raines of Wind Canyon , Book 3
Mira Books
ISBN: 978-0-7783-2940-4
March 2011
Contemporary Romance

Arizona , California , and Mexico – Present Day

Devlin Raines is the tough, no nonsense owner of a private investigations agency, though he considers himself retired. When Lark Delaney approaches him about looking for the child her late sister gave up for adoption, Dev decides to take on the case himself. Of course, part of it could be that his libido has kicked into high gear at the first sight of the sexy, attractive Lark. But Dev is an honorable man and won't have an affair with a client. Right from the start, the search has enough twists and turns to dissuade most anyone, but Lark and Dev are determined to find the little girl. Finally, when she's located, it hurls Dev and Lark right into another, more dangerous situation.

Lark lost her only sister, Heather, to cancer, and on her sister's deathbed she promised she'd look for the child just to make sure she's in a loving home. Lark made a fortune designing purses and as such, she can hire the best—who just so happens to be Dev. The chemistry between them smolders, but like Dev, Lark knows they need to keep their relationship on a business only basis. While Dev prefers to do the search without Lark tagging along, she has other ideas. This closeness only adds to the ever growing sexual attraction between them. Will Lark and Dev finally give in to their lust for each other? What happens after the child is found?

Having read the two prior books in Kat Martin's The Raines of Wind Canyon series, AGAINST THE WIND and AGAINST THE FIRE, I'll have to say that AGAINST THE LAW is the most intensely suspenseful of the three. This book was also like two stories in one. The first part deals with the search for the little girl, while the second part is what happens afterwards. To give away too much would be providing spoilers….

Dev was hurt in the past by a woman he thought he loved. Because of this, he's decided to never marry or give his heart to a woman. He's into one night stands and no female attachments. Even as he burns with lust and desire for Lark, he's determined to convince himself it can't be love. As the danger intensifies for him and Lark, his assignment becomes almost personal. He'll do anything for Lark and the little girl. He's a strong, dedicated hero that will make the female readers swoon.

Lark is successful and independent, which has proven an asset in building her company, but that same independence has Dev grinding his teeth at her doggedness. It doesn't take long before he's butting heads with the smart, sassy, and headstrong Lark. She doesn't know the meaning of letting a man handle the job. She's a capable ally for Dev, not afraid to do whatever it takes to protect those she loves. Her attraction for Dev has her in knots. She knows he's right that they shouldn't mix business and pleasure, but her body craves him.

AGAINST THE LAW introduces many new characters as they assist Dev in his battle to beat the bad guys. They all play important parts, and three—Jake Cantrell, Trace Rawlins and Johnnie Riggs—get their own tales in the near future per the information from Kat Martin on her website.

Once you start AGAINST THE LAW, be prepared not to stop until you've reached the end. With its nonstop action, nail biting episodes mixed with some sizzling love scenes, this is one I highly recommend.

Patti Fischer