The Raines of Wind Canyon , Book 9
ISBN: 978-0-7783-14677
September 2013
Romantic Suspense

Los Angeles, California – Present Day

As a private investigator, Ty Brodie has had his share of intriguing cases and beautiful, willing women, but when Chicagoan Haley Warren walks into his life and asks him to investigate the mysterious death of her father, the case becomes his top priority, as does an instant attraction to Haley. Never mind that Haley, as the grandniece of his friend, Ellie Stiles, should be off limits to his fulfilling the sexual fantasies he's suddenly having about her, because he doesn't mix business with pleasure. Haley's father's death was ruled an accident, but it doesn't take long before Ty discovers some things that point to someone wanting to silence an investigation into an art theft that occurred a few years ago. Yet the police aren't convinced, even as Ty and Haley lay their evidence on the table. Then “incidents” happen that put the lives of Haley, Ty, and others in danger…

Haley hadn't been close to her father in the past few years after he left her mother for another woman and began a new life in California. Part of the investigation into her father's death means meeting the woman he married—Betty Jean—and having Haley's preconceived views of the “other woman” thrown out the window. Haley gets to know—and like—Betty Jean, who is more than willing—at first—to help them in the investigation, but when she's attacked and threatened, she asks Ty and Haley to drop it. However, they are too far into the case to give up, because they will prove that Haley's father was murdered, and not only bring the villain to justice but solve the art theft caper. Meanwhile, working closely together causes heated desire to rise between Haley and Ty. They think it's wrong to get involved, yet soon they're unable to stop the sizzling passion from happening.

Readers will be on the edge of their seats as AGAINST THE MARK brings another topnotch romantic suspense from the pen of Kat Martin. Ty is a “high in demand” ladies man who always has a woman looking for a “booty call,” but he refuses to be distracted in his quest for truth and justice for Haley and her late father. However, his lust for Haley just may be distracting him. He doesn't want to offend Ellie by bedding her great niece, or to jeopardize the case, but it's hard to ignore the desire that heats up between them. Haley is of the same mind—the case comes first—but even she soon can't ignore the feelings she has for Ty. When they finally make love, the passion is uncontrollable and can't be quenched.

Meanwhile, the open and closed case of the supposedly accidental death of Haley's father is meticulously gone over by Ty and Haley, and they soon discover her father had never given up investigating an old art theft. The police aren't interested, but yet someone is nervous, first with the attack on Betty Jean, then gunshots aimed at Haley. Ty will do whatever it takes to protect Haley and solve both the death of her father and the mysterious art theft. But once everything is over, Haley plans to return to Chicago. Is a fling all Ty and Haley can have?

Readers who love a good book that capriciously lays out clues and takes you in different directions will enjoy AGAINST THE MARK. While most of the tale is from Ty's and Haley's points of view, we do get an occasional peek into that of a few men who just may be the mastermind behind the death of Haley's father. A thrilling, explosive tale that is terrific from the beginning to the end, grab AGAINST THE MARK and get ready for some nonstop reading fun.

Patti Fischer