The Raines of Wind Canyon,, Book 5
ISBN: 978-0-7783-1319-9
March 2012
Romantic Suspense

Los Angeles, California and Belize -- Present Day

Johnnie Riggs has been hot on the trail of a notorious drug lord for months, leading him nowhere. At the Kitty Cat club late one night while working another case, his eye is caught by a pretty blonde stripper named Angel, dancing. He can't stop watching her—or lusting after her—and he realizes he's got to have her. When he returns to the club, it turns out Angel has her eye on him, too. Her sister, another exotic dancer, is missing, and she wants Johnnie to help find her.

Angel is really Amy, a schoolteacher from Michigan , and she's posing as an exotic dancer in her quest to find what happened to her sister, Rachael. She's heard good things about Johnnie and is pleased when he agrees to help her. Amy is also attracted to Johnnie, and it doesn't take long before the two have sex. A fling is all they can offer each other, because Johnnie doesn't do relationships and Amy plans to return to Michigan . Amy is determined to find Rachael, and this means working alongside Johnnie, despite his insistence that it's too dangerous. But Amy is stubborn, and her persistence soon provides clues. When they discover Rachael's disappearance is connected to a drug lord, Johnnie fears Rachael may have found herself in too deep—and is dead. But he'll move heaven and earth—and call in his friends for reinforcements—to get to the truth.

A tension filled romantic suspense that will draw you in until the very end, AGAINST THE NIGHT is a totally engrossing read I highly recommend. Part of the other Against books, this one can be read alone without too much difficulty. Johnnie is a loner except for the times he works on a job for his friends. He's a frequent visitor of clubs and doesn't normally find himself attracted to an exotic dancer, but something about Angel has the blood roaring through his veins. He suspects there is more to her than a woman who flaunts her nearly naked body dancing in front of men. When Angel reveals that she is really Amy and that she's working undercover to find her sister, he can't help but agree to take on the case. Of course, Johnnie soon learns he has to protect Amy from herself as she goes after leads on her own. Doesn't she realize it's dangerous to do so?

Amy hadn't had much contact with Rachael the past few years, but she loves her sister and will do anything to find her, even if it's illegal. She's aware that Johnnie also works under the radar, yet has plenty of contacts within the law enforcement community, and she's hopeful they will find out if her sister is alive. While dancing in front of leering men isn't something she is used to doing, it does give her a sense of empowerment in knowing she can do it in the name of finding her sister. What she feels for Johnnie is unlike anything she's ever experienced before, and the sex is out of this world. They connect on a level that is becoming obvious to those around them. But can Amy and Johnnie find any kind of future together once the search is over?

Kat Martin has penned a tale in AGAINST THE NIGHT that is taut with tension and sensuality. The chemistry between Johnnie and Amy is like a nuclear explosion. One touch and they explode in each other's arms. Readers will be pulled into the search for Rachael, with many twists and turns along the way. Each piece of evidence leads to more questions that have to be answered. By the end of AGAINST THE NIGHT, we'll learn what happened to Rachael, and it won't be pretty.

For readers who love a good romantic suspense with a helping of spice, be sure to grab AGAINST THE NIGHT.

Patti Fischer