The Brodies of Alaska , Book 2
A Perfect 10
ISBN: 978-1-4201-3384-4
February 2015
Romantic Suspense

Alaska: Anchorage and Environs, Present Day

The three Brodie brothers recently inherited a ranch in Texas, but all three are firmly settled in Alaska, so they sold the ranch and split the proceeds. As a veteran of the US Army Rangers, Nick Brodie saw a lot of death, and lately as a homicide detective with the Anchorage Police Department, he closed a really nasty case. He's had his fill of the murder business, so he resigned from his job a few months ago. To cheer him up, his older brother bought him a ticket to Las Vegas for some R&R. Nick happily took a luxury suite at a plush hotel and prepared to enjoy himself.

San Franciscan Samantha Hollis came to Vegas to attend a trade show, The Super Pet Zoo. As a partner and the marketing person in her pet grooming business, The Perfect Pup, she has a deal with the hotel and merits a luxury suite…on the same floor as Nick Brodie. Samantha is returning to her room when she's accosted by a randy drunk, but saved by a tall, dark-haired and hunky stranger with the bluest eyes.

Samantha and Nick have nothing in common other than an instant attraction to each other and that both have a deep need to make a connection. They spend a fun and sensuous weekend together before they leave Vegas, she to go south and back to work, he to the north where he finds a problem.

Nick lives in a cabin near a lake north of Anchorage. He has a young motherless neighbor who recently lost his father to a heart attack, but Jimmy Evans wants Nick's help. He doesn't believe his father's death was natural; he's sure he was murdered. Nick thinks the boy is just reacting to the trauma and is in good hands with his maternal aunt. Meanwhile, Nick can't forget Samantha and invites her to come for a visit…and she accepts!

The above is just the bare bones of an extremely rich and riveting plot with many captivating characters. There is a mystery to solve, evil to overcome, and an intense relationship between tiny city girl Samantha and rugged outdoorsman Rick and their possible futures. The diverse cast is partly made up of Nick's brothers and many friends, and young Jimmy and his Alaska native Aunt Mary, all of whom add much to the story.

While number two in the Brodies of Alaska series, AGAINST THE SKY is the eleventh in Ms. Martin's long running Against series. Both Brodies of Alaska novels can stand alone, but why not meet and enjoy all three brothers, Dylan, Nick, and Rafe.

I spent ten years in Anchorage myself and can easily say that Ms.Martin does justice to the magnificent setting in this series. The first book, the moving AGAINST THE WILD (last June), takes place along the inside passage in AK's southeast. The next one is Rafe's tale, AGAINST THE WIND (coming in June), and is set in Valdez. It's on my must-get list. If you enjoy action, adventure, mystery, and passionate romance, put AGAINST THE SKY on yours…it deserves its rare Perfect 10.

Jane Bowers