The Raines of Wind Canyon , Book 1
MIRA Books
ISBN: 978-0-7783-2919-0
January 2011
Contemporary Romance

Wind Canyon, Wyoming – Present Day

Sarah Allen was the beautiful and popular girl that “born on the wrong side of the tracks” Jackson Raines worshipped in high school. She once rejected and humiliated him, and he's never forgotten her. Then he learns that the single mother renting his cabin is none other than Sarah, and things have swung to other side of the wealth spectrum for them. Jackson is now a wealthy rancher in Wind Canyon , while Sarah is barely scraping by while trying to raise her daughter Holly. Jackson should still be angry at Sarah for the past, but instead, he feels lust—and protectiveness for Sarah and Holly. Seems Sarah's late husband abused her and also left her with a big financial mess. To top it off, someone is after something they think she has, and they aren't afraid to use force.

Sarah no longer loved her late husband, Andrew Hollister, by the time he died, but even in death he still has a grip on her life. Strangers are calling and coming up to her demanding she turn over a flash drive belonging to Andrew. She is also stunned to realize her landlord is none other than Jackson . He and his brothers were poorer than dirt growing up and he's grown into a handsome, virile man. Add in his wealth and power in Wind Canyon and he's a man to be reckoned with. Jackson proves to be stellar at protecting Sarah and Holly, and she's very grateful. But there's too much of her past still inside her to even think of getting romantically involved with him.

Sarah thought her life would be perfect once she arrived in Los Angeles all those years ago, later marrying Andrew after her parents' unexpected deaths. However, her husband not only abused her and threatened her, but he kept her in the dark as far as his financial affairs. Now finally free after he was murdered, she's bent on a new life in Wind Canyon . Sarah has not a clue where the flash drive is. Meanwhile, she tries to ignore the attraction between herself and Jackson. The last thing she wants or needs is to allow him to get too close to her or her daughter. Now she's in fear for her life and that of Holly's as unknown men harass her over the missing flash drive. But Jackson will do anything to protect them from harm.

The sexual tension between Sarah and Jackson smolders right from the start. Jackson should still be angry over her rejection of him in high school, but another part of his body makes him aware that his feelings for her aren't dead. Sarah attempts to push Jackson away. She has no business getting involved with him with her life still in upheaval. Until the past is buried, she can't look at the future, and besides, Holly comes first. But despite all their obstacles, they do indeed grow closer…

Much of AGAINST THE WIND is about the mystery surrounding the missing flash drive and the attempts by Jackson and Sarah to find it. Meanwhile, the relationship between them builds, and it's only Sarah's resistance that prevents them from a full blown love. Sarah has secrets, some of which she doesn't reveal to Jackson . Will the unveiling of them blow their tenuous relationship apart, or will it bring them closer? Can they find out exactly what Andrew Hollister was up to and stop the threats against Sarah and Holly? It's a race to a climactic conclusion that will resolve everything, but not before a surprise or two.

In the first tale in Kat Martin's new trilogy, The Raines of Wind Canyon , we catch glimpses of Jackson 's brothers Devlin and Gabe, and their stories follow shortly. I can't wait. Grab a copy of AGAINST THE WIND and get ready for some topnotch action that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Patti Fischer