A Perfect 10
The Texas Trilogy  #3
ISBN:  978-1420143195
June 2018

Romantic Suspense

Iron River Ranch, Texas – Present Day

Single mother Victoria “Tory” Bradford has been on the run for six months with her little girl, running away from the monster who abused her. There's only so much the police can do, and her ex is rich with connections. Reduced to sleeping in her car, she spots an ad for a ranch hand at Iron River Ranch and applies. The owner, sexy cowboy Josh Cain, is dubious of her claim that she can do the hard work. However, he gives her three days to prove him wrong. While Josh agrees to hire her, he changes her job from ranch hand to being his housekeeper and cook. Tory wonders if working so close to Josh will end up with him wanting her in his bed.

Josh is a war hero who came home to Texas and bought the Iron River Ranch. There's lots of work to be done: building the barn and training a rascally stallion for example. He senses Tory has a secret past but she claims she's not wanted by the law. Should he trust her? Josh also realizes he's attracted to her though he doesn't want any kind of commitment to another woman anytime soon, especially one with a child. Yet, his protective instincts kick in and it doesn't take long for Tory to confess the truth. Can Josh keep her and her daughter safe?

Meanwhile, Tory's ex, Damon, makes plans to get back what he thinks of as his: Tory. He won't let anyone get in his way. As incidents happen on the ranch, readers will wonder if the threats out there are not just against Tory…but Josh.

Kat Martin has penned a page-turner that will keep readers enthralled in BEYOND CONTROL, the final book in  The Texas Trilogy  series. A widow, Tory thought Damon was the man for her and things were fine until he falsely accused her of wanting another man. He beat her up and she knew she had to get away. But Damon considers her to be his possession and tracked her down and tormented her, forcing her on the run again. With little money and no place to stay, Tory desperately needs the job at Iron River Ranch. The fact that it comes with a trailer on the property is a plus—a good way to hide from Damon. In BEYOND CONTROL, readers soon see that Damon is a sick bastard who enjoys torturing his victims—and Tory will be next if he finds her.

Josh still suffers from the aftereffects of serving in Afghanistan and feeling helpless in protecting his fellow Marines from dying. He likes the solitary life on the ranch, though he has a couple of former Marines helping him out. The entrance of Tory (and her precious daughter) into his life forces changes he never expected. Having them around soon makes him wonder if they could stay permanently. Tory, however, still fears Damon and, once she feels it's safe again, plans to hit the road. Yet, the attraction between them is powerful and they're soon unable to resist the sexual desire.

Heart-stopping suspense fills the pages of BEYOND CONTROL and will keep you entertained and, as readers soon discover, there's more going on than Tory hiding from Damon. But each twist and turn will have readers wondering if they're connected to her...or Josh. Meanwhile, the stallion that Josh has been trying to train despite its unruliness shows an affinity for Tory. Is her tender touch enough to melt the defenses of the beast…and its owner? A tale worthy for one of RRT's rare  Perfect 10's,  be sure to grab a copy of BEYOND CONTROL today.

Patti Fischer