The Texas Trilogy , Book 2
ISBN: 978-1-4201-4317-1
February 2018
Romantic Suspense

Dallas, Texas and Vicinity – Present Day

Former racecar driver and business mogul Beau Reese doesn't have a good relationship with his father, former state senator Stewart Reese, but he does have a sense of obligation. When Beau learns his father impregnated a nineteen-year-old, he confronts his father. They argue, but agree that Stewart will provide child support. Beau is angered further when Cassidy Jones walks into the room—has his father moved on already to another beautiful young woman? Cassidy insists she has been hired by Stewart to investigate some potential threats against him, but is that the only thing going on? The next day, Beau returns to get his father to sign the paperwork, but discovers him dead. Then Cassidy walks in, with Beau holding the murder weapon.

Cassidy doesn't know Beau, but she soon realizes he's telling the truth when he says he didn't kill his father. However, the police think otherwise, though he's not charged. Beau hires Cassidy to find the killer and help clear his name, and they start an investigation on their own. The mystery deepens further when Beau receives a mysterious phone call late at night and finds himself at the scene of another killing that may be linked to his father's and pinned—again—on him. What's going on? Why is Beau being set up?  During the course of the investigation, things heat up between Cassidy and Beau, but is it only a temporary fling? After attempts are made on their lives, will they live long enough to find out what is going on?

Beau will easily admit that he was a bit of a hooligan growing up, but he soon grew out of that and forged a path to success and fame without any help from his father. Stewart was a bit of a grifter—always looking for the easiest way to make a buck—which is probably why he succeeded in politics. Beau rarely saw his father, but after he found out Stewart got the teen pregnant, he saw red and confronted him. Cassidy is pretty and seems smart and sharp, but did Stewart truly hire her because he suspected a threat to himself, or because he wanted to bed her? As Beau and Cassidy delve deeper into his father's business affairs, they discover some unsavory details that may support why he felt threatened. Will Stewart's legacy end up being tarnished?

Cassidy is a topnotch investigator, working for one of the best investigation agencies in Dallas. Her instincts tell her that Beau is innocent and being set up to take the fall for his father's death and the other one. Does each attempt on their lives mean they're getting too close to the truth? Whoever it is, they mean business and will kill to prevent the truth from coming out. BEYOND DANGER is part of  The Texas Trilogy , and Lincoln Cain from BEYOND REASON (out now) pops into a few scenes. However, BEYOND DANGER can easily be read as a standalone for readers who haven't read the first book.

The sexual chemistry between Beau and Cassidy sizzles even as they face danger. Of course, just when they settle in to enjoy their sexy fling, things begin to heat up for them in the danger zone. In BEYOND DANGER, the thrills and chills will make for some tense scenes as they weave in and out of trouble. But nothing—nothing—will stop these two from finding the answer to who killed Stewart Reese…and why.

A tense and exciting read, curl up in with some munchies and a drink because you'll become glued to BEYOND DANGER right from the first page.

Patti Fischer