The Texas Trilogy , Book 1
ISBN: 978-1-4201-4315-7
June 2017
Romantic Suspense

Texas Present Day

After her grandfather's death, Carly Drake is struggling to run the family trucking business, but faces a setback when her top driver is murdered. One day, billionaire (and rival trucking business owner) Lincoln Cain walks into Carly's office offering to help. He can either buy her company or help her get it back on its feet. Why is Cain doing this? Because he is grateful for Carly's grandfather helping him when he was an out of control young man just out of prison. Carly resists his offer, but when she is threatened by a gang leader that if she doesn't transport a mysterious load for them she'll die, it's Cain who steps in to protect her.

Cain has always valued his privacy, but he's also believed in helping others, which is why when he got a letter from Carly's grandfather after the man died asking him to help her, he agrees. Carly is independent, but she might be too much so, especially in trying to fend off the bad guys. Whether Carly wants it or not, she needs Cain's assistance. He has the resources to help her and to protect her. Add in that there is this ultra-hot chemistry brewing between them, then it's no wonder it doesn't take long before they're having a torrid fling. Both think once the danger is over that they can walk away, but what if love entangles their emotions? Meanwhile, danger is soon exploding around them.

Kat Martin provides readers with another thrilling read in BEYOND REASON, the first book in her new  Texas Trilogy series. Cain was a bad boy who ended up in trouble and prison as a teenager. But once he got out, Carly's grandfather took him under his wing and helped mold him into a man who went on to create a business empire. The men kept in touch, though Cain never interacted with Carly as she was first too young, then as an adult she'd taken off to forge a career. She came back shortly before her grandfather died, and her plan is to rebuild the floundering company. After she is briefly kidnapped and threatened with death if she doesn't agree to transport a mysterious load, she's understandably scared. If it wasn't for Cain being by her side and protecting her, she isn't sure what she'd do. But the threat is real, and before long it turns out the bad guy may have international connections that threaten the United States.

Meanwhile, the hot affair that blossoms between Carly and Cain continues to heat up even hotter. Carly feels as if she's floundering a bit as she is way out of Cain's social circles as he is a very much in demand bachelor in Dallas. Her uncertainty has her pulling away, even as Cain assures her that he has no plans to break up anytime soon. In addition to the badass gang that is threatening Carly, there is also another man after something he thinks she has . . . turns out Carly has a young male cousin she didn't know existed. She and Cain take the boy in, but will it only bring more danger when the boy's father comes after her? There's a lot going on in BEYOND REASON, and readers will be constantly kept on the edge of their seats.

BEYOND REASON features two strong, kickass characters who, together, create explosive chemistry in and out of bed. Carly and Cain aren't afraid to fight back at those wanting to hurt them. Sit back awhile and enjoy yourself while rooting for them to save the day in BEYOND REASON.

Patti Fischer