NTO THE FURY – Kat Martin
A BOSS, Inc. Novel, Book 1
ISBN: 978-1-4201-3900-6
February 2016
Romantic Suspense

Seattle, Washington – Present Day

Private investigator Ethan Brodie's family run company is hired to protect the models of a lingerie company that is about to go on tour. Ten of the models have received threatening notes by a mysterious person, and the last thing the company needs is bad publicity. The first day, Ethan is intrigued by one of the models, Valentine Hart, but he has to remember to keep his libido under control so it doesn't interfere with his job. However, soon afterwards, one of the models ends up dead, and it's Valentine that Ethan volunteers to protect 24-7. Will getting close to her lead to his breaking his vow to keep things strictly business between them?

The modeling gig is only a sideline job for Valentine as she is working towards a veterinarian degree in college, but it pays well and the perks of silky, sexy lingerie can't be beat. Having the bodyguards around are a pain, but Ethan is a pleasure to watch, though he's off limits when she has other priorities to keep in mind. After a fellow model is murdered, Ethan attaches himself to Valentine, and they soon grow closer. As much as she'd like to resist his charms, she can't. But she also proves to Ethan that she is not only beautiful, but has brains when she assists him in his investigation into who is behind the threats.

The Brodie men have formed a company called Brodie Operations Security Services, Inc., aka BOSS, and they specialize in all kinds of private investigations and bodyguard services. Ethan has hardened his heart to getting involved with women after a bad experience years ago, but Valentine has him rethinking his vow to avoid involvement. As his feelings for her grow, he is determined to bring down the bad guy, because no one will harm the woman he cares for. The twists and turns in INTO THE FURY take his initial theories in another direction. Is the killer following the lingerie tour to Dallas and Atlanta, or is there a copycat killer, especially after the threatening notes get leaked to the press.

Valentine had a rough life growing up, but she finally has started to make something of herself, with the veterinary degree being the brass ring she's reaching for.  She has no time to get involved with a man, but Ethan has her rethinking things, especially with him protecting her with his deliciously hard body day and night…the nights are especially rewarding. But is getting involved with a man in a dangerous job a mistake, since he could be injured…or killed…at any time?

INTO THE FURY is an action packed suspense that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Things start off with a bang with the murder of one of the models, and Ethan begins to dig deeper. Is it someone with a grudge, or a deeper reason for the models being targeted? The chemistry between Ethan and Valentine sizzles and leads to some sexy hot scenes between them. If you love a romantic suspense that burns up the pages in both action and sex, then INTO THE FURY is the book that you need to pick up—it's a must read for 2016.

Patti Fischer