A BOSS, Inc. Novel
ISBN: 978-1-4201-3902-0
June 2016
Romantic Suspense

Seattle, Washington – Present Day

Months ago, Megan O'Brien and Dirk Reynolds had a torrid affair, but she ended it because she wanted to focus on raising her son, Charlie. When Charlie is kidnapped and the ransom note says to not contact the police, Megan turns to the one person she knows can help her: Dirk, who is a well-trained private security expert. While he's reluctant at first, due to his unresolved feelings for her, he agrees, and soon discovers the kidnappers are not common criminals, but a highly sophisticated group. Just why were Megan and her son targeted? Yes, Megan's father is rich, but was that the only motive?

Megan is scared for her son, but trusts Dirk to find him. She plans to be right there for the search and soon proves she can hang in with Dirk and his crew from BOSS, Inc. The kidnappers seem to know their every move, however, and that stymies Dirk's attempts to find Charlie. In a fateful and anticlimactic scene, Charlie is finally rescued without the ransom money being paid. All but one of the bad guys are killed, but things are now only just starting to heat up for Megan and her family…

INTO THE WHIRLWIND is like reading two stories in one. The first part deals with Charlie's kidnapping and Dirk's finding him. He almost didn't take the job and would have turned it over to other members of the BOSS, Inc. crew, but Megan pleaded with him to help her. Months before he had been her bodyguard back when she worked as a lingerie model and there were threats made against the models. She has left that career and is looking to open her own shop and continue to raise Charlie without much emotional support from her ex. But when Dirk and Megan were around each other, the sparks flew and it resulted in their affair. Charlie is her first responsibility, so Megan chose to end things before their relationship got too deep. But now being around Dirk reignites the sparks.

After Charlie is rescued by Dirk, INTO THE WHIRLWIND really heats up for Megan and Dirk, as she becomes the target of a deranged man connected to the kidnapping, and the tale moves out of the country. I won't give away any spoilers, but it's a race to rescue Megan before the unthinkable happens to her. What Dirk and his men are doing isn't sanctioned by the authorities, but nothing will stop him from getting to Megan. The connection between Dirk and Megan is very real, and the drama in INTO THE WHIRLWIND brings them back together.

If you love heart stopping and nonstop action, then INTO THE WHIRLWIND is a book I highly recommend. Readers will be kept guessing as to who is behind the kidnapping and what the ramifications will be if all the bad guys are not captured. Kat Martin has once again penned a story that is well worth spending your time reading. Grab INTO THE WHIRLWIND and get ready for an unstoppable reading adventure.

Patti Fischer