Maximum Security , Book 2
HQN Books
ISBN: 978-1-335-00769-8
September 2019
Romantic Suspense

Texas – Present Day

Kate Gallagher is stunned and saddened to learn that her younger sister, Christina, is dead. Christina had run away from home two years ago as a sixteen-year-old and Kate didn't know where she was…until she turned up murdered. Turns out Christina was a drug-addicted prostitute who was trying to become clean, but someone wasn't happy about that and killed her. Kate is determined to find the killer and goes to Maximum Security to ask them to take on the case because the Dallas Police force seems disinterested. Kate has barely walked through the door when she spots the sexy guy she nearly had sex with a couple of nights before when she'd gone to a seedy bar in an attempt to drown her sorrows. Now he may be her only hope in finding Christina's killer.

Jason “Jase” Hawkins Maddox is as tough as they come, but after he hears Kate's plea for help in finding Christina's killer, he's all in to help her. Of course, some of it has to do with the fact that he finds her desirable, especially after their erotic encounter the other night. Kate makes it clear to Jase that she wants to be in on the action to help find the killer. Jase would rather work alone, but after much pestering from her (okay, maybe he is just a sucker for her looks), he finally agrees. Soon Jase and Kate are working closely together, which only amps up the simmering passion that has gripped them since the first night they met.

Kat Martin takes readers on a thrilling ride in her latest romantic suspense, THE DECEPTION. Jase and Kate first met when she was at her lowest—she had just learned of her sister's death. He wasn't looking for a one-night stand, but she intrigued him. Before they could go “all the way” Kate realized she was making a mistake and left. Jase figured he'd never see her again…until she walks into the private investigation company where he works. Working together wasn't Jase's plan, but he'll let her tag along. Once the case is over, they'll have their fling. Or, perhaps sooner. Their chemistry sizzles enough to sear the pages.

Of course, things don't go smoothly for them in THE DECEPTION. They have to first figure out who is responsible, then find a way to snare the killer into their web. But it soon turns out that Kate and Jase are dealing with a nasty group of people who are into dealing drugs and sex trafficking, plus much more nefarious deeds. And death will come to anyone who crosses these stone-cold criminals. Soon, Jase and Kate are in the organization's crosshairs. It's a race against time to deal justice to a bad group of people before they kill again.

THE DECEPTION has all the thrills and chills that readers will love, as well as the passionate and sensual love scenes you'd want in a romance. While THE DECEPTION is part of the Maximum Security series, it can easily serve as a standalone. This tale is all about Kate and Jase. If you love an action-packed romantic suspense, then you can't go wrong in grabbing a copy of THE DECEPTION to read.

Patti Fischer