THE LAST MILE – Kat Martin
Blood Ties , Book 2
ISBN: 978-1496736802
May 31, 2022
Romantic Suspense

Colorado, Arizona, and Mexico – Present Day

Abby Holland’s beloved grandfather died and left the majority of his estate to her, including a map to a gold treasure that he’d been searching years for. After someone breaks into her house in Denver, she knows someone is after that map and will go to great lengths—even kill her—to get it. Abby decides to hire help to search for the gold in the form of renowned treasure hunter Gage Logan. While he’s skeptical at first of her claim that the map will lead to gold bullions worth millions of dollars, he agrees to help her. But before they had barely begun, Abby is nearly kidnapped, and her apartment is broken into. Gage insists that she move in with him, which only ramps up the attraction that’s building between them. But neither can afford to fall in love with the other.

Gage and Abby set off for the remote mountains east of Phoenix. It’s soon apparent that the trouble from Denver has followed them. But nothing will stop their expedition into dangerous terrain as they follow the instructions outlined on the map. Along the way, their attraction grows stronger, even as the danger brings them closer together. Will Gage and Abby find what they’re looking for? Or is it a wild goose chase, even if the bad guys following them think they are being led to the pot of gold.

THE LAST MILE is full of action and suspense as Gage and Abby go from one adventure to another. Right from the start, there is a heightened awareness of attraction between them. But Gage has no intention of getting involved with Abby as he is still reeling from the death of a woman years ago. Abby insists on accompanying Gage into the mountains, and he fears that he will lose her, just like he did the other woman.  But soon, she is proving that she is more than capable of braving the elements and facing danger without flinching. Abby is one tough cookie, and she might not be physically strong, but she is mentally strong.

Danger lurks for Gage and Abby wherever they go in THE LAST MILE by Kat Martin. Her grandfather was a well-known treasure hunter and everyone who paid attention knew that he was looking for the lost gold belonging to Spanish explorers from long ago. The map is a blueprint of where to locate the gold and it appears a lot of people want the gold. Their trip isn’t going to be easy, and the big question is whether they survive. But Abby and Gage are resourceful and determined, which makes this tale a spellbinding one. Along the way, they fall in love. But is there any chance of a future together for them?

If you love an adventure that pulls you in and has you on the edge of your seat, then you won’t want to miss THE LAST MILE.

Patti Fischer

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