Maximum Security  prequel
ISBN: 978-1-488-04532-5
November 2018
Romantic Suspense

Dallas, Texas – Present Day

Private Investigator Jonah Wolfe agrees to take on the assignment of proving that April Vale didn't murder a man. April woke up that morning in bed with her co-worker dead from a shot from her gun—and she doesn't remember how she got there or what happened. After talking to her, Jonah decides that he believes her, but is he allowing the attraction he feels for her to cloud his judgment? However, once he starts digging into what went on that night and any possible motives, someone in a car tries to run over April. Is there a connection?

WAIT UNTIL DARK is a short story that is a prequel to Kat Martin's newest romantic suspense series,  Maximum Security , about the men of a private investigation agency. The moment Jonah lays his eyes on April, he's attracted to her, something he has to keep under control in order to not jeopardize his investigation. April works for the mayor of Dallas in his re-election campaign, as did the dead man. There was bad blood between her and the man, but was it enough for her to want him dead? And why can't she remember what happened?

While WAIT UNTIL DARK is short, a lot is packed into it. We have a car trying to run April down, shots fired, and a couple of sizzling hot love scenes. And of course, the answers to what happened and why. Everything is laid out perfectly, with a couple of twists. As the tempting and enjoyable teaser to a new series, readers will be clamoring for more about the men of Maximum Security.

Patti Fischer