MEET YOUR MAKER Matthew Mather
The Delta Devlin Novels Book 1
Blackstone Publishing
ISBN-10: 1538589443
ISBN-13: 978-1538589441
ASIN: B084X3L2J4
July 21, 2020
Mystery Suspense

New York and Kiev, Ukraine

As a detective at the Suffolk County Police, Delta (Del) Devlin's day turns bad when she tracks a young man who is believed to have invaded the department's technical service office and taken something from a 3-D printer. She catches him, but in trying to save him from a fall off the police headquarters building, they both go over. She survives. Then she learns the FBI has denied her application, but she is offered a position to work in Lyon, France, from Director Katherine Dartmouth of Interpol. Dartmouth is interested in Del's unique vision. Her eyes pick up colors that other peoples' eyes don't. She has learned to use this gift to judge if people are telling the truth or lying. She remains undecided about the Interpol offer until another disaster happens. At a UN gathering, Del's father, a NYPD officer, is shot when someone attempts to kill the Ukrainian prime minister. Her father lives but is very ill and may not survive. Delta accepts Director Dartmouth's offer, as this might let her get to Kiev and perhaps find the man believed to have shot her father. She discovers what she and everyone believes might not be the truth.

In this first volume of the Delta Devlin Novels series, suspect everything. Del does, but her love for her family drives her. She will discover disturbing things, not only about politics and survival, but about her family, too. From 3-D printers manufacturing untraceable guns and other types of weapons, to online defamation, and the ability to alter videos, things all present in today's disturbing society, and everyone telling her lies, Del has a hard path to find the truth. She questions everything, which in the long run takes her to some very strange and dangerous places and makes her question why she was hired. MEET YOUR MAKER is an interesting, suspenseful, and emotional adventure.

Robin Lee