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ACT LIKE YOU LOVE ME – Janice Maynard
Blossom Branch Prequel
Canary Street Press
June 1, 2023
Romance Novella

Blossom Branch, Georgia – Present Day

Laney Marshall and Brit Sheffield were sweethearts in high school, but he had no plans to stay in Blossom Branch. He left to find stardom in Hollywood, and he has. He is back in town for a few days to attend his mentor’s funeral. He is still friends with Laney, so when he shows up on her doorstep late one night asking to stay with her for a couple of days, she only hesitates for a moment before she agrees. 

Laney isn’t sure how she feels about Brit staying with her. She realizes that she is still attracted to him, but she doesn’t want to be in a “friends with benefits” relationship with him. It soon turns out that there is more than just friendship between Brit and Laney. But can there be anything to it since his life is as a top star in Hollywood, while hers continues to be in Blossom Branch? Yet, there is no denying there are still feelings between them. 

Will Brit convince Laney that they can work as a couple? While a short tale, there are plenty of sizzling hot love scenes in ACT LIKE YOU LOVE ME. But the big question is whether there is a future for them together.

Patti Fischer

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