The Men of Stone River , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2735
ISBN: 978-1-335-20911-5
May 2020
Contemporary Series Romance

Stone River, Maine – Present Day

Two years ago, Katie Duncan broke off her affair with Quinten Stone, her boss's brother. But now she has been asked to work with Quin at his remote beach home. Katie figures she can keep it all business between herself and Quin, though the moment they're around each other, it's clear the simmer of desire between them hasn't died. It does help that Quin is still angry at her because she broke things off with him, but they can't start over again because they live in different worlds. He is a world-famous skier and craves living life dangerously. Katie is determined to live a quiet life and help support her family whenever they need money.

Once alone at Quin's home, things soon heat up between them. He still wants her, though she's reluctant to admit that she feels the same way. But being around each other only makes the attraction burn hotter. Will they finally give in to the passion they both crave? Can they repair the broken remnants of their shattered relationship and get back to where they were before? Has anything changed between them?

Reunited lovers isolated in a beach home provides the background in AFTER HOURS SEDUCTION by Janice Maynard, the first tale in her Men of Stone River series. Katie has worked for the Stone family for a few years, but then she and Quin started seeing each other secretly. They didn't want his father or his brothers to know about their relationship. Quin oozes wealth and sex appeal—and lives in the fast lane as a professional skier, while Katie has struggled financially and leads a middle-class lifestyle. She never thinks twice about helping her sister, and it sometimes led to arguments with Quin over her generosity. Realizing that their lives were different, she broke it off between them.

Several months ago, Quin was in a car accident that also killed his father. He has been recuperating at his beach home. The idea is that Katie would work with him on a project for his brothers. As the days together continue, the attraction between them intensifies. Is there any chance they can find happiness together after all these years? Quin's life is different now, namely that he can't return to skiing. Will that make a difference to a future together?

The passion between Quin and Katie reignites in AFTER HOURS SEDUCTION. They go through a lot before they finally decide on what happens between them. Don't miss AFTER HOURS SEDUCTION.

Patti Fischer