Southern Secrets , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2690
ISBN: 978-1-335-60392-0
October 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Charleston, South Carolina – Present Day

Two times in the past year, Fiona James and Hartley Tarleton have slept together. Now he's back in town and shows up on her doorstep unexpectedly. But after the last time three months ago when he left town with no explanation, Fiona isn't going to welcome him back into her bed. However, Hartley's father has died unexpectedly, and he wants her to go with him to the funeral for moral support because his relationship with his siblings isn't the best. As much as she'd prefer not to be around Hartley, she can't deny his request. Then, she discovers something shocking: she's pregnant with his child.

Hartley is carrying a deep secret he only recently learned about his family's past. It could destroy how his brother and sister view their parents if he tells them. He trusts Fiona and eventually reveals the truth to her. There is something about her that brings out the best side of him. Of course, they're great in bed, but he makes it clear to her that there's no future for them. In fact, he lets her know that his future doesn't include children…and she hasn't yet told him about being pregnant!

When will Fiona tell Hartley about the pregnancy? There is a lot going on in his life with the death of his father, the reading of the will, and the secret he's carrying. Add that the sexual attraction between Fiona and Hartley still burns hot, then these two cannot quite sever the ties that bind them. Of course, this means they're soon back in bed together. Is it love…or just lust? Fiona has no plans to be forced into something she doesn't want, including marriage. Can she co-parent with a man who doesn't want children?

In BOMBSHELL FOR THE BLACK SHEEP, the fact that Fiona is pregnant is a cloud hanging over them. How will Hartley react after he's told? Much of the book is his grappling with his secret while trying to mend the fractured relationship he has with his siblings. While part of the Southern Secrets series, this tale can easily be read as a standalone, even as the characters from the prior two books, BLAME IT ON CHRISTMAS and A CONTRACT SEDUCTION, pop in and out of scenes.

The sizzling attraction between Fiona and Hartley can't be doused no matter how many times they try to convince themselves there's no chance for a future together. Will the baby bring them together—or tear them apart? Find out the answer in BOMBSHELL FOR THE BLACK SHEEP.

Patti Fischer