HIS HEIR, HER SECRET – Janice Maynard
Highland Heroes , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2595
ISBN: 978-1-335-97155-5
June 2018
Contemporary Series Romance 

Candlewick, North Carolina – Present Day 

Four months ago, Cate Everett had an affair with Brody Stewart, a Scot who was visiting his grandmother in Candlewick. He's now back in town, and Cate isn't sure she's ready to face him…because she's pregnant with his child. But of course, since Brody's grandmother is good friends with Cate, she is invited to dinner at their mansion. At the dinner, while Cate frets over how to tell Brody that he's going to be a daddy, she faints…and can't withhold the news any longer. He is shocked at the news and insists that they get married. However, Cate refuses because she only wants to marry for love. 

Brody never forgot Cate, but since he lives in Scotland where his company is, there wasn't anything between them other than a fling. With the news that she's pregnant with his child, he will do anything to make her his wife. While there is still this intense sexual attraction between Brody and Cate, there is not love. As she continues to resist his plans to put a ring on her finger, they can't stop making love. Will they soon realize that there is more than sex between them…like love? 

There is something about hot, sexy Scots that turns up the heat in a story and HIS HEIR, HER SECRET is no different. Brody's grandmother is originally from Scotland but years ago settled in Candlewick. After the death of her husband, she wants to remain here, despite her grandsons Brody and Duncan's wishes. When Brody was in town four months ago, he struck up a two-week affair with bookstore owner Cate. It was a mutual agreement that once he went back to Scotland that would be the end of it, but her unexpected pregnancy has now complicated things. Brody wants her to go with him to Scotland, while Cate plans to stay in Candlewick. 

Neither Brody nor Cate had much of a good childhood. She felt unwanted by her parents and this has made her avoid relationships. Of course, she plans to give her child unconditional love, but she doesn't want Brody to feel like he has to marry her. They can co-parent, while marriage is not on the table for her. Brody feels differently. He's honorable and wants their child to have two parents living together while growing up…something he didn't have. As they battle over the marriage part, it's clear sexual attraction still runs deep between them. Who will win the battle, or will they reach a compromise? 

HIS HEIR, HER SECRET has plenty of sensuality for readers who like it hot. Let's just say that whenever Cate and Brody are around each other and alone, they can't resist making love. But as they make that sexual connection, it's clear there is more than just lust between them. If you love sexy tales that will also have you invested in how the couple ends up, then grab a copy of HIS HEIR, HER SECRET. 

Patti Fischer