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Harlequin Desire #21B
ISBN: 978-1-335-45783-7
October 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Atlanta, Georgia – Present Day

Daley Martin is happy that her younger sister has found happiness and is getting married. However, the man that her sister is marrying is the brother of Daley’s business rival. Tristan Hamilton works for a big advertising agency, while Daley owns a smaller ad agency. This has led them to battle each other for contracts. But Daley agrees to not let her dislike of Tristan interfere with the wedding weekend at the hotel where everyone will be staying. When she meets Tristan in the lobby, she agrees to have a drink with him. Good, so far. But later that night while searching for ice, she runs into him again. One thing leads to another, and they spend a sizzling night making love. 

Daley figures it will only happen once, but there is no denying the attraction between them. Tristan convinces her to have one more night together after the wedding is over, then they go their separate ways. However, the next morning while having brunch with Tristan’s boss, Daley is offered a sizable sum to merge her company with his. This would mean working with Tristan. How can they keep it all business when they’ve once experienced pleasure together?

Daley and Tristan thought they could scratch an itch by sleeping with each other in ONE WILD WEDDING WEEKEND. Their plan seemed good but it’s all thrown out the window after they start working together. Now they can’t keep their hands off each other, though they must keep it a secret. Before they started their truce, they were rivals vying for the same clients. Now they are partners in business and in bed. Neither Daley nor Tristan is looking for a commitment because they feel that real love doesn’t exist. But the more they are together, the harder it is to walk away from each other.

There are plenty of sensual scenes in ONE WILD WEDDING WEEKEND as Daley and Tristan love their romps in bed together. They are perfectly matched, and it all seems to be going great for them…as long as marriage isn’t part of the plan. But readers suspect something will upset the apple cart, and when it does, how will our couple react? The thing that Tristan feared might happen does, and it could cost him the relationship he’s developed with Daley. Find out what happens by picking up ONE WILD WEDDING WEEKEND.

Patti Fischer

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