Texas Cattleman's Club: After the Storm , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2329
ISBN: 978-0-373-73342-2
October 2014
Contemporary Series Romance

Royal, Texas – Present Day

Neighbors Drew Farrell and Beth Andrews have been at loggerheads for months due to her produce stand's location near the road that leads to his horse breeding operation. He thinks her operation is tacky for his wealthy clientele to drive by. But one day when they are once again discussing the issue, their feud is pushed aside as a tornado bears down upon them. They barely escape with their lives and are forced to spend a night in her storm cellar. Alone together suddenly has them realizing there's a flicker of attraction between them. Kisses turn heated, but before it can go anywhere else, they're rescued.

But Drew wants to pick up where they left off and invites Beth to stay in his house as hers is badly damaged. She agrees, and even she can't deny that things might lead to more than that of neighborly hospitality. A painful growing up has left her determined to avoid entanglements, but Drew is tempting. He offers her a temporary truce—and affair—so she agrees. The sex is sizzling, but she wonders if she can walk away with her heart intact when it's over.

After the tornado hit in Royal, there was a lot of damage and lives were lost.  In STRANDED WITH THE RANCHER, Drew and Beth are in the thick of trying to put the town back together. Nights spent together at his house are filled with hot sex, which has them forgetting about their adversarial past and beginning to care for the other. He even takes her to Dallas for a business trip and romantic tryst, though it makes her realize how divergent their lives are. He's the rich, powerful billionaire, and she's the woman from the wrong side of the tracks who's trying to make a decent living growing and selling her produce. Beth had a difficult childhood that left scars and a reluctance to marry. Drew has one relationship in the past but isn't looking for marriage right now. Surely their sizzling nights together won't lead to thoughts of marriage?

While STRANDED WITH THE RANCHER focuses on the relationship between Drew and Beth, readers will be introduced to other characters that are likely part of this newest in the Texas Cattleman series. There's Megan, who runs the animal shelter. With so much damage from the tornado, people are abandoning their pets, and she steps in to take them in. An unidentified pregnant woman caught in the storm remains in a coma. Who is she and why was she in town? For the answer to these questions and to learn about other characters, be sure to start with this first book, STRANDED WITH THE RANCHER, and then the other six tales that are coming out in the next few months.

A sexy, entertaining tale, be sure to grab STRANDED WITH THE RANCHER for a sizzling read you won't want to miss.

Patti Fischer