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Blossom Branch, Book 1
Canary Street Press
ISBN:  978-1-335-52303-7
July 25, 2023
Contemporary Romance

Atlanta & Blossom Branch, Georgia – Present Day

Cate Penland is standing at the altar, about to marry her best friend, Jason, when he suddenly stops the wedding in the middle of the vows. Jason takes Cate aside to inform her that he can’t go through with the ceremony. He loves her—as a friend—but isn’t in love with her. Cate, stunned by being jilted like this, runs into the foyer, where Jason’s good friend Prescott “Harry” Harrington III happens to be waiting. Harry whisks Cate away to his place and tells her that she can wallow in her misery there as long as she wants to. After several days, she finally feels better enough to realize a couple of things. First of all, it is good that she didn’t marry Jason because she doesn’t love him. Secondly, she wants to go to Blossom Branch where she spent most of her childhood.

Harry accompanies Cate to Blossom Branch. Both grew up there though Cate’s parents moved to Atlanta while she was a teenager. Cate and Harry stay at her grandparents’ house, though they are out of town for a few weeks on a cruise. Harry’s mother still lives in Blossom Branch, but he doesn’t want to see her because they have a difficult relationship. Meanwhile, living under the same roof, first at Harry’s place, then in Blossom Branch, stirs up feelings between them. It hasn’t been a month since Cate was jilted, but why is she now attracted to Harry? He makes it clear that he isn’t the marrying kind, while she has always wanted marriage and children. Will they just have a fling and then walk away from each other?

Cate thought she had her life all mapped out with her marriage to Jason in THE RUNAWAY BRIDE OF BLOSSOM BRANCH, but it all falls apart after he backs out. She is devastated and it is Harry, a man she mostly knows through Jason, who helps her to get away from the church. Why he was there in the foyer, she doesn’t know. But she appreciates him taking her away from the embarrassment of being jilted. The first few days she stays in the guest room and doesn’t interact with Harry. After she emerges, they begin to talk and realize that they are getting along. He is still worried about her, which is why he accompanied her to Blossom Branch. Cate remembers how much she loved the small town and begins to think about opening a gift store there. With Harry’s help, she begins to realize her dream. But their feelings for each other are soon out in the open. Will it tear them apart because of their differing thoughts about love and marriage?

THE RUNAWAY BRIDE OF BLOSSOM BRANCH is a mix of sweet and sensual romance. There is a lot of emotion flowing between Cate and Harry. Their childhoods were different, and each has a different outlook on life. But being jilted has Cate seeing her life plans change, while Harry begins to see that maybe having someone like Cate in his life would be great. Their story is one of finding love after thinking it was no longer there for them. Don’t miss their enjoyable journey in THE RUNAWAY BRIDE OF BLOSSOM BRANCH

Patti Fischer

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