TOO TEXAN TO TAME – Janice Maynard
Texas Cattleman's Club , Book 5
Harlequin Desire #2726
ISB: 978-1-335-20902-3
April 2020
Contemporary Series Romance

Royal, Texas – Present Day

Rancher Vaughn Blackwood returned home to Royal to attend his sister's upcoming wedding, but he's barely there when old flame Brielle Gunderson shows up. She's insistent that Vaughn meet with her later because she has something important to discuss with him. He agrees, and he soon learns that he is the father of her toddler girl. Suddenly, a man who never wanted to have children is now the father of a beautiful little girl.

Vaughn hurt Brie when he broke things off with her two years ago. They'd been so much in love, but he made it clear that he wasn't looking for forever. His life now is in Fort Worth and hers is in Royal, where she's a vet. Brie only wanted Vaughn to be aware of his daughter, not to hold him financially responsible. But now he's insistent that they pretend to be a couple and engaged—only so that he can help secure his share of his late father's estate for his child. Brie is still in love with Vaughn, and as much as she tries to protect her heart, she fears that she's going to find nothing but heartbreak by being with him.

The Blackwood children hated their despicable father and had hoped they could move on with their lives after he passed on, but the man is trying to control them from his grave. In the will, the bulk of the estate was left to their father's s ex-wife, Miranda, whom Vaughn and his siblings have nicknamed, the Stepwitch. But there are rumors that Miranda is only the placeholder of the estate, that each of the siblings must “pass a test” to get their share of the estate. Will having a child be the proof Vaughn needs to secure his share? But he has no plans to marry Brie even as he's asking her to pretend to be his fiancée. She only goes along with it because she thinks it will be the first step to having Vaughn be a part of their daughter's life.

TOO TEXAN TO TAME is the fifth book in the Texas Cattleman's Club, Inheritance , which has revolved around the convoluted will left by the late Buckley Blackwood. Miranda is part of a reality show about ex-wives ala the Real Housewives series. Her co-stars have also descended upon Royal, and one has found love with a local rancher. In this tale, there is a secondary storyline that resolves the love life of another star. Next up in the series is the final book: Miranda's tale.

It's a reunion for Vaughn and Brie in TOO TEXAN TO TAME as they join forces for the sake of their child. Will they finally get their happily-ever-after? Can Brie convince Vaughn that he can be both father and husband material? Don't miss the answer by picking up this compelling tale.

Patti Fischer