Texas Cattleman's Club: Blackmail , Book 5
Harlequin Desire #2516
ISBN: 978-0-373-83843-1
May 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Royal, Texas – Present Day

Simone Parker's grandfather decreed in his will that in order for her to inherit one half of his estate, she must bear a child. While Simone doesn't really need the money, she decides to get pregnant via artificial insemination so that she can fulfil the terms of the will. Thing is, she's not told anyone else of her plans (not even her parents), and when a mysterious blackmailer contacts her on Facebook to demand payment from her or he'll spill the beans, she panics. When she goes to the clinic to get her pregnancy confirmed, Simone runs into her ex-boyfriend, Dr. Troy “Hutch” Hutchinson, who recently returned after several years in Africa. While Hutch is only covering for her regular doctor, it is he who informs her that she is pregnant with triplets. And it is he who is there to take care of her when she becomes ill due to hyperemesis gravidarum and becomes bedridden.

Hutch is aware of the differences between himself and Simone. She comes from a wealthy family and she lacks for nothing, while his family is middle income and Hutch worked hard to put himself through medical school. After their brief affair ended years ago, he went to Africa to work in the medical field, but he's now back in Royal to settle down. He's surprised that Simone is having a baby, and when she insists she knows what she's doing, he tries to be supportive. However, when she becomes ill, he steps in to take care of her. The old feelings between them are soon back, but there's still the differences that drove them apart. But how will Hutch feel when he learns that she didn't get pregnant due to her “biological clock ticking down,” but due to the terms of her grandfather's will?

The last thing Simone expects in TRIPLETS FOR THE TEXAN is to be pregnant with triplets—or that her ex would come back to town. Yes, Simone has a history of being selfish, but she's matured, even if Hutch can't see it right now. She's felt ignored her entire life by her family, as they think a single woman isn't good enough to inherit money unless she has a family. Her grandfather's will didn't specify she had to be married to have a child (or as in this case…children) so she went ahead with the procedure without thinking about the consequences, that once she gives birth she'll have to raise them. In this intriguing and emotional tale, Simone embarks on a journey about herself that finally leads to an acceptance of her future as a mother that she hopes also includes Hutch.

During the years apart while in Africa, Hutch fell in love with another doctor, but the woman tragically died. He doesn't think he can love again, yet he still has a thing for Simone. Her parents didn't think he was good enough for her years ago, and he didn't bother staying to fight for her love. In TRIPLETS FOR THE TEXAN, Hutch goes back and forth as to whether he wants to pick up their romance again. Either way, having a doctor in your corner while pregnant with triplets is a plus for Simone!

The blackmailer is mostly in the background in TRIPLETS FOR THE TEXAN, but finally materializes. How will this affect the relationship that's built between Simone and Hutch? While part of the Texas Cattleman's Club: Blackmail series, each book so far has been readable as a standalone.

Simone and Hutch learn a lot about themselves and each other in TRIPLETS FOR THE TEXAN and make for an entertaining read that readers won't want to miss.

Patti Fischer