The Men of Stone River , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2739
ISBN: 978-1-335-20915-3
June 2020
Contemporary Series Romance

Stone River, Maine – Present Day

After leaks about a secret project was discovered, billionaire inventor Farrell Stone has decided to temporarily relocate to his property in northern Maine. The thing is, he will need a housekeeper and cook to stay with him while he's there. His sister-in-law, Katie, recommends a newcomer to Portland who is in desperate need of a job. Widowed and the mother of a baby, Ivy Danby will do anything to land a job, even stay with an eccentric inventor in the middle of nowhere. Farrell isn't sure about Ivy at first. Yes, he noticed right away that she's pretty, though a bit shy around him. She also has a baby, and he's not into little ones. Will living in close quarters create an attraction neither can resist? Also, what is in Ivy's past that she is at times afraid of Farrell's temper? It isn't that he's mean to her, but he has the usual frustrations that come with working on inventions.

Readers will fall in love with Ivy in UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS TEMPTATION by Janice Maynard. Life hasn't been easy for her, especially after her parents tragically died, and it left her vulnerable to the manipulations of her college professor, who then convinced her to marry him. It took a while after they married for Ivy to realize that her husband wanted to control her. He even manipulated her birth control and she ended up pregnant. She wouldn't trade her daughter for anything, but she certainly doesn't miss her late husband. Struggling to support herself and her baby, the job for Farrell Stone is perfect for her. It is just hard to resist the attraction that's built between them.

Farrell has no intention of getting romantically involved with any woman, let alone fall in love. He once loved and lost—his wife died of cancer several years ago—so he plans to live unfettered for the rest of his life. Yet, Farrell is suddenly finding himself tempted by Ivy. Will he give in to the attraction? What about the fact that she shies away when he raises his voice? Can he soothe the pain that she's experienced in her life? Once his current invention is done, will they part and go their separate ways?

An emotional and enthralling tale of two hurt souls finding their way to each other, don't miss UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS TEMPTATION.

Patti Fischer