CLOSE UP – Erin McCarthy
From Every Angle Series
Harlequin Blaze #817
ISBN: 978-0-373-79821-6
October 2014
Contemporary Series Romance

Minnesota – Present Day

Ten years ago, Sean Maddock married Kristine in a whirlwind romance, but the flame soon died out and they separated after six months of marriage. However, neither has gotten a divorce. With Kristine and Sean now both living in Minneapolis, she decides it's time to start the divorce proceedings, but it only prompts Sean to seek her out. He wants one more weekend with her, but should she accept, aware that the attraction between them may be reignited?

Kristine has a new job at an art center and she's on pins and needles about the position because it involves nude photographs. Her off the wall mother's latest crusade is to stage a protest against improper activity, and immediately threatens to target the exhibit. When someone locks in Sean and Kristine in a room— where the flames of desire rises between them—and then they damage some pictures, she's sure she's about to lose her job. Sean uses her stress to convince her to get away with him to a remote island in Minnesota, where both know that plenty of sex will be involved. One last fling before they say goodbye forever?

Erin McCarthy has penned a sexy tale in CLOSE UP as Kristine and Sean reunite briefly and prove that the passion has not died between them. Both just walked away from their marriage ten years ago rather than try to repair it. They were young and in love, but the passion also made them hot-headed. Sean has gone on to run a successful security firm, which was hired to provide the guards for the art exhibit. Kristine's life has been more low-key, as she has struggled in finding a career, and right now hopes she can hold onto a job she loves running the art center. But her mother may be the biggest threat to her job security. In CLOSE UP, her mother provides a few moments of laugh out loud scenes, even as her actions may prove costly to Kristine. Sean tries to step in and help Kristine, but she is too stubborn to accept it. Once they arrive at the island, they're soon swept into reminders that the sex between them is just as good—or better—than it used to be.

Sean has never forgotten Kristine, and he hopes to reconnect with her, even if only briefly. There's no denying the desire between them, but she resists his attempts to pick up their marriage where they left off. Can Sean persuade her that he still loves her and will do anything to win her back? Can Kristine swallow her pride and accept that Sean is her destiny? If you love a sizzling hot romance that reunites a couple, then I highly recommend you grab a copy of CLOSE UP.

Patti Fischer