SLOW RIDE – Erin McCarthy
Fast Track Series , Book 5
ISBN: 978-0-425-24396-1
October 2011
Contemporary Romance

North Carolina – Present Day

At her father's funeral, Tuesday Jones wallows in grief, still stunned by how quickly cancer took him. Also in attendance is former driver Diesel Lange, whom her father praised as one of the best drivers before a serious accident ruined his career on the track. Though the two hadn't met before, their lives are intertwined, and soon they are meeting again at the wedding of mutual friends, where they hook up. Tuesday wants to forget the misery of feeling adrift without her father, so her options are either getting drunk all the time or having an affair with Diesel. Sex wins. Even if it is not what either gets that first night.

Diesel is aware of Tuesday's barracuda reputation, but deep down he understands her grief. While his plan is just to enjoy the sex with Tuesday and not get emotionally involved with her or her problems, Diesel soon finds he cannot ignore her and tries to help. Of course, Tuesday rebuffs him, trying to make herself appear unlikable. Then he promises a prized restored car for her charity auction. This just draws him closer to her, and a couple of wounded souls seem destined to be a match made in heaven...or hell.

Erin McCarthy has penned an emotional journey for Tuesday and Diesel in SLOW RIDE and one that readers will soon not forget. After her father's death, Tuesday discovers drinking dulls the pain, even though the aftereffects prove to be painful. Enter sexy and macho Diesel, and he seems to be the one who sees that beneath her tough girl exterior is a fragile woman. Of course, Diesel isn't without his own emotional baggage after the accident that ended his racing career. He won't get behind the wheel of a racing car, not even for charity.

While both Tuesday and Diesel swear at first they have no intention of getting involved with each other, fate has another idea. Soon they're linked together whether they want to be or not. Of course, the fact that they're sexually attracted to each other helps. Their relationship is one of hot and cold. Diesel refuses to discuss his own phobia after his accident, while Tuesday uses the bottle to try to hide from hers. Her reliance on using alcohol as a crutch sometimes makes her appear a weak character in SLOW RIDE. These issues cause them to lock horns. Can they build trust between them and face their problems—together?

Sizzling love scenes and high octane levels of emotion will have readers not wanting to put down SLOW RIDE. While other members of the Fast Track books make appearances, this one can be read alone. It's not about racing, but facing the fears of life…and death. An exciting tale, be sure to pick up SLOW RIDE today.

Patti Fischer