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Hometown Brothers , Book 3
ISBN: 978-1335427441
April 25, 2023
Contemporary Romance

Teaberry Island, Maryland – Present Day

After Willow’s mother died in an accident, Deena Clark was left raising the toddler she has grown to love. But she needs financial support to help raise the girl, so she locates the father, Luis Dominguez, to ask for child support. To her surprise, he wants to be a part of his daughter’s life and plans to move to Teaberry Island with Willow. Luis asks Deena to temporarily come with them because Willow is so attached to her. Deena agrees but wonders if she’s making a mistake.

Luis is a workaholic and didn’t know about Willow. He plans to go all in on raising her but needs help. Teaberry Island is where his foster mother and brothers currently live, so they can help out. But Deena is an important part of Willow’s life, so having her as the nanny will help with the transition. Once they arrive and start to settle in, he has an idea to buy and open a bookshop on the island. Luis is all gung-ho to dive in, but Deena isn’t sure. After all, she isn’t supposed to be there forever. Meanwhile, it appears that Willow has fetal alcohol syndrome. 

Carol just left her disabled husband after she found out he was having an affair with his nurse. She has also just lost her job and, with no place to go, ends up living in her family’s vacation home on Teaberry Island. She has fond memories of her late grandfather’s bookshop and is devastated when she learns that her sister sold it to Luis. The plan by Luis is to make it a beachy reads bookshop. Carol would rather it carry the classics—and makes plans to sabotage the new bookshop. 

THE BEACH READS BOOKSHOP is the final book in the Hometown Brothers series by Lee Tobin McClain. Luis had a tough childhood until he ended up with Betty and her late husband on Teaberry Island. While Ryan and Cody are not his brothers by blood, they are brothers united in their love for Betty and Teaberry Island. Luis has had some recent medical episodes and his doctor has told him to slow down, but he has too much to do in his company. Then, Deena shows up with Willow. A quick DNA test confirms that the little girl is his. Willow is attached to Deena, and vice versa, so it is an easy decision to ask Deena to continue to be a part of his daughter’s life. But is moving them to Teaberry Island a good plan? Luis still has to work hard at his company, plus he has plans to open the bookshop to help Deena have something else to do. Will he overextend himself?

Deena is skeptical of the bookshop idea, but admits that it does intrigue her. Luis dives right in by hiring people to fix and renovate the building—without much input from Deena. She does convince him about where to put shelves, etc., and then Carol is hired. What neither of them knows is that Carol not only disagrees with the idea of making it a beach reads bookshop, but she plans to sabotage the business to prove that tourists would be more interested in the classic reads than “fluffy” books. Meanwhile, Deena starts to fight her feelings for Luis. She doesn’t consider herself the type to fall in love, yet Luis is charming and appears to want a romance with her. Will she push him away?

THE BEACH READS BOOKSHOP is a sweet romance with lots of emotion to appeal to readers. I found it interesting and warmhearted. It’s clear that Luis and Deena are perfect for each other, yet they are afraid to love. Will they finally realize that they deserve love? Find out by picking up a copy of this wonderful tale. 

Patti Fischer

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