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BETWEEN US – Mhairi McFarlane
ISBN: 978-0-06-311799-0
August 8, 2023
Contemporary Fiction

England – Present Day

Schoolteacher Roisin Walters is spending the weekend with her group of friends at a country house outside London. Roisin’s longtime boyfriend Joe will be there, along with a newly engaged couple, Dev and Anita. Joe is celebrating the premiere of his newest tv show and the news that he is going to sign a deal for a new show in the United States. Things have been off between Joe and Roisin for a while, but this weekend’s trip finally has her realizing that maybe he hasn’t been truthful with her. Seems the protagonist of his “fictional” show has been sleeping with other women behind his girlfriend’s back. Meanwhile, another friend of the group, Matt, arrives with a hoity-toity new girlfriend who insists that all phones must be locked away. That is when Roisin recognizes the woman as a famous actress. To be clear, the weekend is turning into a disaster. By the time it ends, Roisin knows that she needs to break off with Joe, but how can she explain the reasons why with no proof?

BETWEEN US reads like an ensemble piece but it is told only from Roisin’s point of view. She has devoted ten years of her life to Joe, supporting him as he worked his way into writing success. He is now at the pinnacle of his career and Roisin is wondering if she was just someone that he used to get where he wanted. It is particularly embarrassing when she recognizes in the television show characters that not only resemble their friends, but situations. Including something that she told him in confidence which happened to her as a child. Joe brushes away her concerns as if trivial. That is when she lets him know that maybe it’s time that they go their separate ways. But Joe asks her to hold off announcing it. She agrees but soon realizes that he may be continuing to lie to her.

There are several characters in BETWEEN US that Roisin talks to, but it is Matt who Roisin turns to and confides in what is going on between her and Joe. He offers to help her. Joe has through the years made fun of Matt, who comes off as a bit of a playboy. But once Roisin finally gets to know him, she learns that he is kind and helpful. Will he help her get to the bottom of Joe’s lies? Will this group of friends stay together despite the breakup of one couple? Roisin is going through a lot of emotions in BETWEEN US. She had put up with a lot living with Joe and now he treats her like a piece of baggage to be tossed out as he moves on to his next adventure. He is more concerned about how things look to the public than about her feelings. 

BETWEEN US plays like a drama and is an emotional journey for Roisin. Will she take the right path to a future filled with happiness? Find out the answer by grabbing a copy of this tale.

Patti Fischer

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