St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-08650-1
September 2017
Contemporary Romance

San Francisco, California – Present Day

Greta Steinburg and her two best friends, Summer and Amy, vow after a bad high school prom that none of them will marry without permission from the others. Now adults, none of the ladies is married despite past romantic relationships. Greta is a live-in nanny for Bob, caring for his motherless daughter, Mina. Bob is feckless, and Greta has to nudge him to pay her, which drives her crazy, but she adores Mina. While at her sister's wedding, Greta meets a hot new DJ, Jon Hargrave, and there's mutual interest. However, Greta is determined to not get involved with a man just because he's approved by her sister, but it doesn't stop them from clicking. Turns out Jon isn't looking for commitment either, so they agree to go on a “non-date.” This is where they go out and enjoy being with one another, but it isn't really like they're dating. Even as they continue to call them non-dates, it becomes a regular thing. Is there indeed a relationship brewing between them? Then, a tragedy strikes that causes all their lives to change. How will this change the future for Greta and Jon?

THAT THING YOU DO is a cute and enjoyable tale about finding love when you're not looking for it. Greta and her friends had a rocky love life in high school, but they had each other. Their experiences cemented their friendship with a promise not to marry without the approval of the other two. They chat, tattle, and giggle about their dates, but after Greta meets Jon, she's almost embarrassed to tell her friends that she likes him a lot. Jon is accommodating and will do just about anything for her. He's also sweet and funny. Heck, they even got matching tattoos on their first date! So, why won't Greta call it dating?

Living under Bob's roof while caring for Mina does put a bit of a cramp in lovemaking for Greta and Jon. He has his own place, but that isn't where they have their first sex. Of course, it would turn out that someone videotapes them having sex, but the gallant Jon retrieves the copy from the sneaky videographer. When tragedy happens, it's Summer and Amy who gathers around Greta to help her, but it's Jon who provides the strongest shoulder. They grow closer, but even though she cares for him, Greta can't say those three words: I love you. Will this turn out to make or break their relationship?

Gallant Jon has to put up a lot with Greta. She's a bit eccentric and stubborn, but she's full of heart. In THAT THING YOU DO, they learn a lot about each other, and it strengthens them. But will it lead to love? This tale will tug at your heart and end up making you smile. If you love a romance that leaves you satisfied at the end, then make THAT THING YOU DO the next book you pick up to read.

Patti Fischer