At Cain's Command , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2213
ISBN: 978-3-0-373-73226-5
February 2013
Series Romance

Houston, Texas – Present Day

Griffin Cain and Sydney Edwards have been involved in a secret, sex only affair for the past few months, but everything is going to change when Griffin's brother, Dalton, announces he's resigning and leaving Griffin in charge. Since Sydney was Dalton's personal assistant, this means that Griffin is now her boss. Sydney already planned to break off their affair because she was starting to have feelings for Griffin, but now she is even more determined to end things. Griffin, however, has other ideas. He likes the fact that Sydney knows him so well and that he can indulge in having fun with her. Besides, late night bedroom chatter might allow them to brainstorm on how to find the missing Cain heiress. Can Sydney prove to Griffin that she means business when she says their affair is over? And why is the man secretive about his schedule and won't let her, his personal assistant, in on all his activities?

Griffin and Dalton's father has placed an ultimatum on their inheriting the family business by forcing them to locate their previously unknown sister, or their father will leave the company to the state. Dalton put all his energy into the search but found love was more important and resigned instead. You can read Dalton's story in ALL HE EVER WANTED. Now it's Griffin's turn to run the company and find the woman, but he wants to continue to devote his time to an international charity organization that he has managed to keep secret from the public and his family. But Griffin realizes he can't just let Cain Enterprises be dismantled due to his father's crazy scheme, especially since it is his share of the company that he uses to fund the organization. Getting involved with Sydney was meant to be a one night stand, but that soon turned into six months, and both were well aware it wouldn't lead to anything. Things changed when Griffin took over the company—and became Sydney's immediate boss. They're now working together—and spending more time alone outside the bedroom getting to know each other.

The more she's around Griffin, the harder it's become to deny that she's falling in love with him. Their upbringings couldn't be more different; he was born into a rich family while she was raised in the foster care system. Yet Sydney and Griffin mesh so well together that it's easy to see why they're perfect for each other. She's curious about why he always seemed to be on the road, supposedly on Cain Enterprise business, yet there are those mysterious trips he refuses to discuss with her. Will Sydney learn the truth while she digs in trying to find clues in the search for the missing heiress?  Marriage doesn't seem to be in the works for this couple, yet will love lead to it in ALL HE REALLY NEEDS?

Griffin needs Sydney's help, and she's willing to give it to him in ALL HE REALLY NEEDS, but in the end these two learn a lot about the other and fall in love. An engaging romance that is sexy and fun, grab ALL HE REALLY NEEDS for your reading pleasure.

Patti Fischer