At Cain's Command , Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2375
ISBN: 978-0-373-73388-0
May 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Houston, Texas – Present Day

Three years ago, baker Meg Lathem had a sizzling affair with banker Grant Sheppard. But just as mysteriously as he entered her life, he left, leaving behind Meg to wonder what happened. She learned three months later she was pregnant, and she moved on with her life, later giving birth to Pearl, a Down's syndrome child with a heart defect. Pearl needs lifesaving surgery, and Meg needs to plunk down several thousand dollars to pay for it. She makes the long trip to Houston, first to Grant's bank, where she spots him with another woman and turns around, and then to the family she hadn't wanted to contact. Meg is the illegitimate daughter of billionaire Hollister Cain and, unknown to her, his sons have been looking for the long lost heiress.

Grant knew three years ago who Meg really was. He had planned to seduce her (and did) but also ended up falling for her. Rather than drag her into the ugly mess of her father's life, he walked away. Hollister Cain is an evil, sick man who is using his sons against each other to find a daughter he claims he didn't know he fathered. But imagine Grant's surprise one night when he walks into a party and discovers Meg is there—with the Cain brothers. He wants to find her and explain why he did what he did, but before he can make headway with her, he learns the stunning news that he's the father of a little girl. Grant is angry over not being told, and now he will do anything to bring Pearl and her mother into his life.

Meg cannot believe how her life has now changed. When she realizes that Grant knew who she really was and was using her, she doesn't want anything to do with him, but with her daughter's upcoming surgery—and the fact that he has the resources to fund it—she is caught between her pride and protecting her child. When she arrives in Houston, she doesn't meet her father at first, instead she meets her half siblings and their wives and a warm relationship develops. Her introduction—finally—to her father is not good, to say the least. Meg has to pull out her own trump card to use against him to make good on a family promise Hollister was going to renege on. The man is near death, but he's kicking as he goes down.

Grant treats Pearl with tenderness and Meg's heart breaks seeing how her daughter interacts so well with him. As for Meg's relationship with Grant…needless to say the fiery passion that once filled their nights is now back in full force. Meg doesn't want to fall for Grant again, but her heart has other ideas. Grant wants them to stay in Houston, not only so he can be close to Pearl, but to rekindle the romance with Meg. Grant is going to have to crawl and beg for her forgiveness, but just when she thinks things might work out, an ugly tidbit comes out that blows their lives apart.

SECRET HEIRESS, SECRET BABY is the final tale in the At Cain's Command series by Emily McKay. It is the search for Meg that propelled her half-brothers Dalton, Griffin, and Cooper to finally realize that the only thing important is love and family. With Meg's arrival, they embrace her and Pearl into their lives, and band against Grant as the one who hurt her. But can Grant gain Meg's trust again…and win her love? Grab a hanky and learns the answers in this enthralling and emotional tale.

Patti Fischer