The Takeover , Book 2
Silhouette Desire #2066
ISBN: 978-0-373-73079-7
February 2011
Series Romance

Vista del Mar, California – Present Day

Ana Rodriguez left the jaded world of Hollywood as a clothing designer after one too many run-ins with men who thought she would jump at the chance to bed them. Ana is determined to keep her virginity until the right man comes along…hopefully the man she'll marry. Hired as head of Hannah's Hope, a charity organization, Ana needs assistance from someone with experience. That is where Ward Miller comes in. The world famous singer went into seclusion after he lost his wife to cancer and helped build a world-class charitable organization in honor of her. Ana isn't thrilled to be working with another celebrity, so right off the bat she's defensive and refuses Ward's help. But it soon becomes clear that Ward's assistance is invaluable and that an attraction between them is growing.

Ward has been devoting his life to helping others but hasn't stopped to help himself. Unable to perform since his wife's death, it has less to do with grief than feeling like a failure in preventing her illness. Ana challenges him in ways he hasn't had to experience in the past few years. She's smart, beautiful, and sassy. Ward finally has to force her to accept his help, but once that's accomplished, then he has to pull back when he realizes he's becoming attracted to her. Ward is unwilling to fall in love again. Too bad love doesn't care whom it strikes…

SEDUCED: THE UNEXPECTED VIRGIN is as poignant as it's poetic. Ana and Ward have mutual desires—to help others—but don't want to give of themselves to trust again and fall in love. Ana thinks Ward is nothing but a spoiled celebrity, even as he soon proves her wrong. Time and time again she is enlightened by the man she grows to know, and it doesn't take much for her to fall in love. But he won't let himself give his heart to a woman again. Ward has to work out his issues during the course of SEDUCED: THE UNEXPECTED VIRGIN, and it takes the ministrations and love of Ana to convince him, though she isn't exactly knocking down the walls looking for love herself. When she finally gives into his kisses and they end up in bed, imagine his shock to discover she's a virgin. Of course, this causes him to pull back afterwards, because in an old-fashioned way of thinking, he believes taking her virginity means she expects him to marry her. Will Ward get over his guilt about his wife's death and return to performing and take Ana into his heart? Will Ana get past her reluctance about getting involved with someone famous and realize she can't give up Ward?

Part of The Takeover series, SEDUCED: THE UNEXPECTED VIRGIN can be read alone, but Emily from CLAIMED: THE PREGNANT HEIRESS appears in several scenes. The series revolves around a takeover by Rafe Cameron, who'll no doubt be appearing in his own story down the road.

Emily McKay has penned a lovely, poignant tale of love that will have readers rooting for Ward and Ana to take control of their passionate love. Make SEDUCED: THE UNEXPECTED VIRGIN a part of your next book buying trip.

Patti Fischer