ISBN: 978-1-4201-4174-0
November 2016
Contemporary Romance

Wind River Ranch, Wyoming – Present Day

Best-selling romance writer Shiloh Gallagher has a mysterious stalker who is driving her out of her mind, leaving her unable to write. The police won't do anything because the stalker is always one step ahead of them and so far hasn't been discovered and leaves no clues. An old family friend, Maud Whitcomb, invites Shiloh to stay at her ranch near the Grand Teton Mountains in Wyoming. Shiloh accepts the offer and is picked up at the airport by one of Maud's employees, Roan Taggart. Shiloh feels an instant zing of attraction towards Roan, but she's there to recuperate and not for an affair. But to her surprise, she's sharing an employee house with Roan. Will living in close quarters heat up the attraction between Shiloh and Roan?

Roan is ex Special Forces, but his first love is working on the ranch. He's building his own cabin on the property (a gift from Maud) and while he initially was hesitant having to share space with a skittish female, his instincts tell him that she is telling the truth about her stalker. Shiloh and Roan settle into domestic bliss as they get to know one another better. But Shiloh's stalker soon discovers where she is and makes plans for his final act against her.

As WIND RIVER WRANGLER opens, Shiloh is dealing with terror as her stalker makes his presence known. The police won't help her anymore because they cannot find any evidence she has one. Shiloh has no family, as both her parents died when she was a child, and her mother was murdered while Shiloh watched. It can't be that killer, because he is prison and not scheduled to be released for five years. Is the stalker someone who has taken a sickly interest in her persona as a romance writer? A change of scenery is just what she needs and she happily heads to Wyoming. Roan is a romance book hero in the flesh, with his ruggedly handsome cowboy good looks and a Special Forces background. With her under his roof, she should be safe, right?

Roan at first thought Shiloh was a city slicker who didn't know a thing about ranch life, but she soon changes his mind. They spend time riding horses and talking, plus sharing meals, feeling comfortable together. Roan has always had a good instinct, and talking to Shiloh he realizes her stalker is not a figment of her imagination. They hope that hiding out in Wyoming will force the stalker to give up his plans, but alas, they don't know who they're dealing with.

It isn't until part way through WIND RIVER WRANGLER that readers learn who the stalker is. Shiloh's haunting past is about to come back to hunt her…again.

While the theme in WIND RIVER WRANGLER is about the stalker, this tale mostly revolves around Shiloh and Roan falling in love. The kicker is whether Roan can convince big city girl Shiloh to stay on the ranch once her stalker is captured. She isn't sure she can ever be free of her stalker or her past. With his help, maybe she can. Will love prove to be the answer to all their dreams?

A tense, beautiful tale that readers surely need to pick up and read, WIND RIVER WRANGLER will have you rooting for Shiloh and Roan to beat the “bad guy” and win each other's hearts. Grab this gem and see what I mean.

Patti Fischer