Men of Maddox Hill , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2814
ISBN: 978-1-335-23299-1
July 2021
Contemporary Series Romance

Seattle, Washington – Present Day

Sophie Valente learned just before her mother died a year ago that her father is billionaire businessman Malcolm Maddox. Her mother had never contacted Malcolm to inform him that she had his daughter, but she asked Sophie to go to him and let him know. Being a rich man's secret child is a bit intimidating, and Sophie isn't sure how to confront him, so she decides to get hired by him and see if she can get his DNA to prove her case before she'll tell him. One of her fellow employees at Maddox Hill Architecture is the CFO, Vann Acosta, who Sophie finds attractive. But Vann is off-limits.

Malcolm is in the midst of important business negotiations and needs a replacement Chinese interpreter in order to communicate with the Chinese businessman. Turns out Sophie is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, so Vann seeks her out for help on a business trip to San Francisco. She agrees, but the sparks that have flown between them for weeks are now burning hot. As much as they try to resist each other, the attraction is hard to ignore. Before the trip is over, Sophie and Vann are making love. But with a fellow employee putting accusations in Vann's ear about Sophie being responsible for stealing company secrets, he doesn't know whether to trust her. How will he react when he learns that she might be Malcolm's secret daughter?

Sophie doesn't really need to work because she inherited her mother's wealth after she died, but she is a woman on a mission to meet her father in CORNER OFFICE SECRETS. Sophie is hired as director of information security and learns shortly after she starts work that someone appears to be stealing company secrets. She hopes to find out who so that she can take the information to her father to help pave the way for the big reveal as to who she really is. Unknown to Sophie, the top brass at the company is aware someone is stealing, but it appears to them that she might be the culprit. Vann decides to get to know Sophie in hopes of “feeling her out” as far as her guilt. It turns out he not only likes her, but he's attracted to her. Getting involved with a fellow employee should be a company no-no, yet it doesn't stop them from kissing—and doing much more.

The action soon shifts back to the Seattle area as Malcolm's nephew prepares to marry his fiancée—and Sophie is invited to the destination wedding on the coast. Things heat up even hotter between Vann and Sophie, which leads to a couple of confessions between them. Will she get the chance to prove to Malcolm that she is his daughter? Will the thief be caught? Find out the answers to these intriguing questions by grabbing a copy of CORNER OFFICE SECRETS.

Patti Fischer