MAYBE I DO Nicole McLaughlin
A Whiskey and Weddings Novel , Book 1
St. Martin's Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-250-13998-8
September 2017
Contemporary Romance

Maple Springs, Kansas, the Present

A few years ago, three friends, TJ, Jake, and Dean, established the Stag Whiskey Distillery in Maple Springs. TJ is the financial man, Jake's the ladies' man in charge of marketing, and Dean Troyer produces the products: whiskey and vodka. When the business was fairly new, they began to rent out the empty upstairs for events. This helps with the bottom line while their special lines of whiskeys are aging. The spot has become a popular venue for weddings.

Successful wedding photographer, Charlotte Linley, likes to recommend the Stag. She likes all three of the handsome owners, but Dean, the most mature, is the one who fills her fantasies. Charlotte enjoys her work, and she's very good at it, but she has no desire to ever wed. She almost did five years ago and got her heart broken.

In truth, Dean has a few fantasies of his own. He and Charlotte have a light-hearted relationship filled with flirtatious banter, but issues from his past deter him from acting on the attraction. This might have gone on forever, but Charlotte convinced Dean to allow her to photograph him for a romance novel book cover. And she's to help plan his younger sister's wedding. Alexis and her fiancé are presently deployed overseas with the US Army.

MAYBE I DO is a sweet, charming, and fun story that gradually becomes more romantic and sexy. It also increases tension as the plot becomes more complex. I was truly caught up in the tale and have high hopes for those of TJ and Jake in the next two Whiskey and Weddings novels. Enjoy this tale of two likable characters and their friends.

Jane Bowers